Drews First Time Sucking Some Cock Drews First Time Sucking Some Cock

I do love seeing these videos of really hot straight or curious guys getting their first feel and taste of another dudes cock. This is the first time Drew has felt another stiff dick in his hand, the first time he's been sucked off by a guy, the first time he's tasted dick, and the first time he's had a dude playing with his butt hole too! Oh, and not to mention the first time he tastes a guys cum shot! How many things can a guy try for the first time in one video?! It seems his exit from a failed marriage has him rebelling big time and trying a lot of new things, but he has the right guy to teach him with experienced Chaos Men regular Kelton showing him the way. There's no real persuading needed for Drew, as soon as Kelton has his cock out in his hand you can tell our straight guy wants it! The guys really enjoy themselves with the mutual cock and ass play in this video, and seeing that straight dude trying so much for his first time is real hot. The cum the guys share at the end is a sure sign that Drew enjoyed every moment of it, and I know we'll be seeing this guy back for more cock play within weeks!

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