Horny Jocks Can't Get Enough of Each Other

19 Nov 2023 Comments

Horny Jocks Can't Get Enough of Each Other

About 20 seconds into this Corbin Fisher video and Grayson and Finn are peeling off each other's clothes. They feel, grab, and grope one another like a couple of panting animals -- these two could not wait to fuck! Throughout the action, their eye contact is intense.

Grayson's cock hits all the right spots. Finn's moans are hot and his own cock is rock hard while Grayson pumps his hole. It's obvious toward the end how starving they both are to taste the other's load.

Horny Jocks Can't Get Enough of Each Other

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The fans at Corbin Fisher sure are loving blond muscle hunk Grayson. He filmed his first jack-off video in September, and this scene with Finn is his third hardcore session. He's topped in all three and I'm hoping he's going to bottom soon.

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