Horny Hottie Brad Gemini Horny Hottie Brad Gemini

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Brad Gemini is an Indiana boy who came to Broke Straight Boys by way of Florida, which he calls home now. Brad is new to Pornland, but he's not new to performing -- he's been exotic dancing for a couple of years. Fans always told him that he should do porn, but he just shrugged it off. Finally, he decided to take the plunge and here he is in his first solo and hardcore fuck scene.

Brad Gemini gets his porn name from his astrological sign. He's a chronic masturbator who jerked off twice the night before he filmed his solo scene. He wants to save his performance money so that he can go back to school and study to be  a barber. He eventually wants to open his own shop.

Brad first sex scene is with blond cutie Zach Covington. Brad is a sensual and enthusiastic performer and I really enjoyed watching him. For the cum sequence Brad fucks Zach doggy style and he pulls out and dousing the blond's ass cheeks with his load. He smacks his still-cumming prick against Zach's butt then slides back in and continues fucking full force. The bottom jerks himself until he's on the edge, then he lets go of his dick while Brad continues drilling. A few seconds later, Zach's cock erupts and he empties his nuts on the bedspread. It's so fucking hot and I think Brad Gemni is my new favorite BSB boy.

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