Has Timmy Found A Cock He Can't Deep Throat? Has Timmy Found A Cock He Can't Deep Throat?

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Timmy has been doing a lot of bottoming duty on Chaos Men since he debuted on the site a little over a year ago. He's been featured in many of the site's Serviced videos, which brings us newcomers getting their first on-screen head, and often their first blowjob from a guy ever. But this cock is Timmy's most challenging to date. Not only is Sloan's cock reportedly nine inches long, but it's amazingly thick. Too fat to go all the way down Timmy's throat. 

At the end of this blowjob, Timmy's lying on his back with his head hanging over the edge of the bed. "Give me your load," he pants as Sloan jacks his giant dick. And what a load it is! There's so much jizz than it leaks out of Timmy's mouth and down the side of his face, dribbling down into his hair.

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