Hairy Armpits - Hump Day Hotties Hairy Armpits - Hump Day Hotties

I was looking for something a little different to bring you in GayDemon's regular Hump Day Hotties feature, and I was checking out the guys over at Sean Cody and got inspired by hairy armpits. At some point in a solo session a guy's arms end up flexed behind his head so we can get a good look at his furry pits. And it drives me nuts.

A lot of gay men prefer to be perfectly manscaped, trimming off their chest hair and some even shave their pits, their pubes, and their legs, for goodness sake. But I've always found a dark patch of armpit fur incredibly sexy, especially when you're sitting on the patio at the coffee shop and a hunk in a tank top does a stretch. And there's nothing like the smell of a man after you've both been getting worked up in a romp. I'm not talking about a stud just home from a sweaty and smelly workout at the gym -- although that can be hot, too -- no, just the smell a man builds up when his partner gets the testosterone flowing and gets him turned out. Enjoy!

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