GoGo Harder Does First Hardcore Fuck Scene GoGo Harder Does First Hardcore Fuck Scene

Last March cute guy GoGo Harder did his first solo for Cocky Boys and he entertained surfers with his hand stands, fire eating, and circus-like dance numbers. He's a sexy guy, adorably cute with a plump pair of kissable lips, a furry body with pierced nipples and a decent-sized dick. But really, if I want to see nearly-naked guys doing handstands, I can go see a Cirque de Soleil show.

After months of convincing, Cocky Boys finally got GoGo Harder to do a hardcore fuck scene. Too bad they couldn't get him to come up with a new porn name that wasn't, well, just silly. This scene starts off with GoGo Harder modelling his underwear collection for Ty Roderick and doing a bit of a boylesque show.

Ty Roderick humours this young stud, but eventually takes over and plants a passionate kiss on those beautiful lips. Then Ty stuffs his big dick in GoGo Harder's face and gets his meat serviced -- those lips aren't just for decoration. We also see that all of GoGo Harder's acrobatics also serve a purpose allowing him to wrap his furry legs around Roderick and gets his ass dicked hard and deep.

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