Gennaro and Griffin: Fleshjack Virgins Gennaro and Griffin: Fleshjack Virgins

Niether Gennaro nor Griffin, the newest hottie to join Chaos Men, have ever used a Fleshjack before ... they are in fact, Fleshjack virgins ... but not for long, as they have fun together trying them out on each other!

Griffin is a very sexual guy, always horny, always ready for sex ... Gennaro is a bit more sedate, but has been saving himself up for this shoot, so he too is ready to nut! So, not surprisingly, both guys are hard and ready to go even before the cameras start to roll! Despite this being Griffins first duo shoot, he's very much the aggressor and quickly takes the lead. The guys put their hard dicks into the Fleshjacks and try them out while sitting side-by-side on the couch ... and they REALLY loved the feeling the toy gave along their cock shafts! Before long Griffin reaches over to grab hold of Gennaro's Fleshjack and takes control and gives his new buddy some long, slow pleasure strokes with the sex toy. Not to be left out, Gennaro reaches over and does the same to Griffin's cock. But, as Griffin said in his solo video, his biggest turn-on is sucking on a guy's cock ... and he leans down, removes the sex toy and attacks Gennaro's cock with his mouth and tongue with enthusiasm and obvious expertise! Then both guys lie back on the couch, interlock their legs and start jerking off their hard cock while looking into each other's eyes ... Griffin even rubs his foot against Gennaro's shoulder and, for a straight man, he sure seems to like the foot attention! Eventually tho, it's time to nut, and Gennaro gets up and straddles Griffin's waist, so that their cocks are side-by-side, they do some playful cock-jousting before Gennaro takes both cocks into his hands and jerks them off together ... the extra stimulation takes him over the edge and his cum load follows quickly, which Griffin then scoops up and uses as lube for his own load of jizz!

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