Flashback: What's Under the Underwear? Flashback: What's Under the Underwear?

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Banana hammocks go way back. Cleopatra required her suitors wear them. Though they were made from actual bananas at the time. Nowadays there are so many modern choices for junk huggers.

But I still dig the basic elements of the penis equation. Fabric plus bulge equals happiness. Some things never change.

Also, exposed underwear and/or penis hanging out of underwear remains a great asset in a job interview. Though it generally only works if the hiring manager is an unrepentant, unethical pervert.

Unfortunately, if any of mine have been that, they never told me. So it would have been a breath of fresh, perverted air for me to have been an underwear model in the 1963-1983 range. I would have loved the photographer's professional and unprofessional attention.

I would have posed in and out of my underwear for the going rate, $11.95 an hour I assume. That was a lot back then, at least in 1963. Then I would have let the photographer have his way with me. For an extra five cents.

Underwear did, has, and will drive me crazy. Though don't ask me to do laundry after. I'm not a whore.

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