First time fucking some ass for Silas First time fucking some ass for Silas

Everyone has to start somewhere, and although a lot of straight guys start off with some jerking and maybe sucking too, Silas is diving straight into some ass for his first scene on the Active Duty site! He's been teamed up with the perfect boy in Bailey, because this sweet and horny dude knows exactly how to treat a guy's cock and how to get him off in true style. His blowjob skills have Silas in awe, but the rimming is a totally new experience that he seems to appreciate, too. Of course, this is about Silas' first time in another guys ass, and when he shoves that cock in and starts fucking Bailey we are in no doubt that he's enjoying himself. And man, this boy has some moves! Bailey is horny for a load and gives the new arrival another offer, suggesting he feed him his cum. Silas doesn't need to be asked twice, pulling out and beating off over Bailey's mouth, splashing out his cum and giving his wet, messy cock to Bailey to suck clean. That has our bottom unloading all over himself, too! We end the scene just after Silas admits that he's into it, it was better than he expected - we have a convert!

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