Erect This with Tegan Zayne and Gabriel Taurus Erect This with Tegan Zayne and Gabriel Taurus

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Tegan Zayne and Gabriel Taurus are working on a construction site in Raging Stallion's Erect This and Gabriel asks where he can take a piss. "Go in the bucket," Tegan says pointing to the pail on the floor. Then while Gabriel is draining his bladder, Tegan comes over to check out his cock. 

I don't know how I missed Gabriel Taurus, apparently he did some filming recently for Lucas Entertainment during their jaunt over to Greece and he's also done some work for Kristen Bjorn as well. And he's another hunk from the Spanish invasion into Pornland that's been underway for a couple of years now. He's a sexy fucker and he's packing a fat cock.

Gabriel's overalls fall to the ground and the pair begin making out. The Spanish hunk slides his tongue between Tegan's furry butt cheeks, then he thumbs his hole. Tegan drops to his knees and slobbers all over Gabriel's fat meat and gets it ready for his hole. Tegan takes it doggy style at first, then Gabriel flips him over and screws him on his back until they're ready to blow their wads.

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