"Double Stakes" "Double Stakes"

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Dato Foland is sitting at Rogan Richards' bar when young executive Klein Kerr walks in. Kerr approaches the bar and Rogan asks, "You know what kind of bar this is, don't you?" Kerr says he does and orders a drink, then heads to the restroom. "$20 says you can't get into that suit," Rogan says to Dato. They pump fists and the bet is on.

As Men at Play's Double Stakes continues, Dato is waiting for Klein when he comes out of the toilet. He puts his moves on the lad and they start making out. Dato grabs a fistful of crotch so the bartender can witness him winning his bet. Rogan waves them over to his bar and the businessman kneels between the two hunks. They drop their pants and Klein bobs on one big dick, then the other.

The two men bend Klein between them and while Rogan fucks Klein's ass Dato stuffs his throat. Then the men lay Klein on a bar stool and Rogan holds him steady while Dato drills his ass. The executive leans back for a mouthful of Rogan's fat cock.

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