Cooper Reed Peep Cooper Reed Peep

Cooper Reed is a hot, mostly straight guy with a ripped, well-defined body and an uncut cock that's always ready and willing for sex! He'd done some gay-for-pay work before coming to Chaos Men for this video and, you have to admit, those dreamy blue eyes and washboard abs are dynamite!

Cooper and Byran (the Chaos Men cameraman) had the day to fill, as Cooper's flight back home wasn't til late in the evening, so they headed off to a local farm to film some solo nude photos and do this "peep" video. Although the photos make Cooper look amazingly hot and sexy, the down-to-earth realities of filming porn outdoors took their toll on the poor guy ... lots of ants, gnats and mosquitoes decided Cooper was a prime target ... but in spite of it all, Cooper was a real trooper and put on an amazing show!

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