"Caught You!" "Caught You!"

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Dante Martin heads off to the gym, giving his lover, Paul Canon, a kiss goodbye. After checking the windows, Paul texts his fuck buddy Damian Black and says the coast is clear. A few minutes later, Damian arrives and the pair start making out on the sofa.

Paul is riding cock and thoroughly enjoying it. "Well, well, well," Dante says, entering through the front door. "Caught you." Damian stammers, "Uh ... maybe I should go." And Paul isn't sure what to do. He starts pulling off Damian's cock, but Dante stops him. "It's okay, you don't have to stop." He sits down on the other side of the sectional sofa so he gets a full view of his lover's hole plunging on Damian's hard, raw dick.

Dante moves to their side of the couch and Paul sucks his lover's cock while Damian continues fucking his ass. Then Paul fucks Dante's ass while he chokes down Damian's dick. The three guys finally end up in a daisy train with Paul in the lead getting fucked by Dante who is getting fucked by Damian. Now how's that for an understanding lover?

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