Brock Helps Dawson To Cross The Line Brock Helps Dawson To Cross The Line

Brock is an experienced model over at Active Duty, he's straight, but has done enough gay-for-pay scenes to know the ropes, and today he's here to help newbie Dawson cross that invisible gay/straight line. The guys start off side-by-side on the bed and they grope themselves for a bit, then Brock moves his hand over and grasps hold of Dawson's bulge. He moves down and brings Dawson's cock out of his underwear into full view and goes down on it with his mouth.

As all this is happening, the look on Dawson's face is worth checking out - the range of emotions that cross his handsome face are great, from minor shock and trepidation, to excitement, a broad smile and finally, full-on laughter - this guy is enjoying himself! Then it's Dawson's turn to do the unthinkable - yep, he's got to grab a hold of another guy's cock! Yikes! He lies down on the bed next to Brock, with his gorgeous bubble butt on full display for the cameras, and looks at it from the side, then from above - eventually he works up the courage and moves his hand in to cop a feel. And then, amazingly, he starts jerking it off with long, hard and fast strokes - this guy seems to like this after all! Still, Dawson isn't quite ready to suck cock just yet, so Brock takes over again and moves down and sucks on Dawson's cock until it's time for the finale. They both lie back on the bed, side-by-side and jerk themselves off until their cum loads squirt out and cover their smooth, defined abs and chests. Dawson has finally crossed that line - and once he recovers and catches his breath, it will be interesting to see how far he's willing to go next time!

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