Boarding School Twinks Skip Their Math Test & Fuck in Bed

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Here's another episode of Boarding School Secrets. In this second scene, Ethan Duval and Enzo Lemercier, who share a room at the boarding school, are fast asleep. Ethan's alarm goes off and he jumps out of bed realizing that he's going to be late for his math test. Ethan tries getting Enzo out of bed, but he grumbles, "I don't care, I didn't study anyway."

While Ethan frantically dresses, Enzo pulls back his blanket exposing his bulging tight underwear. "Don't you think we have something better to do?" he asks, fondling his morning wood. Suddenly Ethan isn't thinking about his math test anymore. Incidentally, this is Ethan Duval's first appearance on French Twinks and he's a real cutie, noisy too.

If you missed the first episode of Boarding School Secrets at French Twinks, you'll want to check it out. I blogged about it in New Series "Boarding School Secrets" Debuts at French Twinks. It features Principal Doryann Marguet welcoming new student Justin Leroy to the institution with a strip search and then a deep ass fucking.

I wonder what the principal is going to do when he discovers Ethan and Enzo skipped their math test.

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