Blond Delinquent Fails His Piss Test, But His Velvety Mouth Keeps Him Out of Jail

Watch Over 175 Delinquents Getting Screwed in This Dirty Halfway House

Keene has failed his most recent piss test. "I'm sorry," he started to stammer, but the supervisor cut him off. Around Boys Halfway House, sorry just means, "I'm sorry you caught me" not "I'm sorry I did it." Giving a delinquent a sore butt usually has more of a lasting impression.

"Hot, damn! This 20-year-old can suck a cock," says the supervisor. In fact, the manager almost came in this lad's velvety mouth, but he held back because he really wanted to feel his dick in Keene's ass. "I was surprised at how good his hole felt, and how easily he took it. He's supposed to be a virgin, that's what he said anyway." Please. Look at that gap, you think this boy's never had a dick in him before now? There's nothing more gullible than a man with a stiff dick in his hand.

Boys Halfway House has 177 scenes featuring bad boys in this halfway house taking their punishment for a variety of offenses. But whether they've been caught with contraband in their room or they've failed their piss test, the remedy is always a dick down their throat and a stiff fucking -- and sometimes at the same time. 

Sometimes they get their hole spunked and sometimes they've got to swallow it.

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