Aybars Fucking Martin Mazza in Sexo en Barcelona Aybars Fucking Martin Mazza in Sexo en Barcelona

I remember sexy bearded hunk Aybars from Raging Stallion's Arabian series of DVDs and I'm so glad to see him back in their new DVD called Sexo In Barcelona. And he's paired up with furry power bottom Martin Mazza.

Mazza plays a tourist who is out photographing some of Barcelona's famous sites and Aybars approaches him. Mazza can't take his eyes off thus stud's muscular shoulders bulging out of his sleeveless shirt. After a bit of chatting, they head off to Aybars' place, which is conveniently around the corner. They jump into the shower to wash off the day's dirt and grime and get into passionate kissing and face fucking under the spray of water. They towel off and fall into a long fuck session on Aybars' bed.

Aybars takes charge sucking Mazza's stiff cock and slapping his meaty ass. He slides his big hard-on up and down Mazza's furry ass crack and fingers his hole, teasing the bottom before finally shoving his erection inside. Aybars plunge fucks Mazza, pulling his dick all the way out and then driving it back in balls deep. On his knees, on this belly, and on his back with his legs in the air, Mazza gets his hole serviced by this sexy and skilled top. They fuck, sometimes slowly and other times frenzied like a couple of animals, and when they can't fuck for another minute, they squirt great gobs of cum all over Mazza's furry chest.

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