24 Guys in Bel Ami Bareback Orgy 24 Guys in Bel Ami Bareback Orgy

Last month Bel Ami Online celebrated the return of one of their most famous performers. Lucas Ridgeston filmed a multi-scene, comeback event and it was one of the most popular things the Czech studio has ever done. But this month Bel Ami has topped even this -- they're celebrating their 20th anniversary in a huge way. Bel Ami Online flew 24 of their hottest and horniest guys to South Africa to film the studio's largest gang bang ever. Kevin Warhol and Jack Harrer start things off walking through a field and welcoming us to this massive anniversary event. As they walk towards the camera and through the luxurious estate, they're stripping and leaving a trail of clothes behind them. They finally arrive in a clearing where 22 of their naked buddies are sitting in a crowd on the grass. They cheer with a Czech version of "Hip Hip Horray" and the celebration begins. This is a 6-day event with new scenes released every day. The first two scenes are these getting-to-know the guys scenes with Jack and Kevin picking teams for a tug of war contest. The guys are completely nude and stand in line while they're team captains apply sun screen. There's horsing around, a barbecue, some workout footage, an outdoor nude 24-guy run, then finally the tug of war. There are also two behind-the-scenes videos already on the site showing you how Bel Ami organizes and orchestrates a 24-guy bareback orgy. And the scenes will be rolling out all week.

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