19-Year-Old Homeless Guy Jerks Off For Cash

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Dirty old man Clay is a limitless source of sleaze. Just when you think he's gone as low as a man can, Clay hits a lower bar. He met Mac, a homeless guy who was panhandling with his "Smile If You Masterbate" [sic] sign. Clay saw an opportunity to get this skinny guy into his hotel room jacking off for the camera. "He was cheap, and that's what matters the most," says the producer of Raunchy Bastards.

Mac was very accommodating. He had no problem stripping naked, he got his dick hard easily, and he didn't balk when Clay asked him to show his butt hole. Surprisingly, Clay didn't try getting this homeless guy to suck his cock. That has to be a first. He let Mac jack off in peace, but Clay did say that his own cock was hard the whole time.

But after Mac shot his load, Clay showed him the door -- he could have given the guy a ride back to where he met him, but no. "I don't like it when these gutter pups start expecting too much.  You give them and inch and they'll take a mile," says douche bag Clay.

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