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Raunchy Bastards is a brand new site with a number of dirty themes with names like "Creeper Casting," "I Knew He Was Gay," and "Hooker Cam." The site bills itself as offering real gay sex in amateur homemade videos or private sessions. It launched at the beginning of March 2017, and these scenes look pretty dirty to me, so let's get inside and check this one out.

The guys are in their early to mid-twenties, some might be 18 or 19, and they generally have slim bodies, mostly smooth but some with a bit of chest hair, as well there are some heavily inked guys and some wearing beards or face scruff of one kind or another. Some of the performers are quite cute and others are average. And while many of the guys were unknown to me, I did see a few porn regulars like Tristan Sweet, Toby Springs, Ryan Fields, Trent Spikes (who I've seen working under another name), and a guy named Marshall who is actually Trent Ferris. Many of the guys are presented as straight and maybe they are or maybe they aren't, but the fantasy setups are hot.

The site's producer is a 44-year-old man named Clay who bills himself as a daddy and a top. He's clean-shaven with grey hair, in decent shape with a few extra pounds on him, and he's got a decent-sized dick. He says that he wishes there were more days in the week so he could fuck more guys for his videos. "I'm the luckiest sleaze ball alive," he says. Clay doesn't appear in every video, but he is in 18 of them; sometimes he's in the frame filming with a second camera and not having sex. But he does suck dick, get blown and fuck some butt.

There are several recurring themes and "Creeper Casting" is one. I watched "Euro Beach Jock Goes Gay for Casting" that features a guy named Mike Moretti who is slim and in his early twenties, and he's doing a porno audition. Site producer Clay instructs Mike to take off this piece of clothing off or stand this way while snapping pictures. The session starts off with Mike fully clothed and ends with him completely nude and sitting on a chair. He jerks his cock, which is a good size and uncut, then the producer sits between Mike's legs and plays with his dick and eventually sucks it. After the Euro boy jerks himself off, the producer coaxes Mike into sucking his dick.

Another series is "I Knew He Was Gay" and "Closeted Jocks Play for Daddy" has two straight guys lying on a bed together. Nolan Ash is clean cut and Danny Luca is covered in tattoos, and they get naked and stroke each other's dicks. The producer talks to them throughout this initial phase and asks them questions about sex and their experience, then the inked guy rolls over on his side and the clean-cut guy fucks him. Clay appears in the frame from time to time with a handheld camera jerking his own cock with his free hand. When Nolan needs more lube the producer slides his greased hand up Nolan's boner. And later, the producer strokes the bottom's cock while he's getting fucked.

I'm not usually a big fan of videos where the producer / director inserts himself into the scene with his off-camera comments or instructions, but somehow it works here. It really does. The best way I can describe these scenes is imagine you're seeing all the raw footage from a porno shoot including the director appearing on camera to tell the boys what to do and how he'd like them positioned. This is all footage that would be edited out in the final production, but on Raunchy Bastards it's a part of the appeal.

"Hooker Cam" is another regular series that features guys caught on hidden cameras. Our producer hires an escort and secretly films their session. There are two cameras, one at the side of the bed and the other at the foot, so there's no close-ups, but the video has been edited to include the two different views flipping back and forth. The picture quality is more grainy and the lighting is what you'd expect from a hidden-cam video. The producer fucks the hustler, who is a blond guy with an undercut and a knot. The session ends with Clay cumming in the hustler's ass and the lad heads on his way, which reminds me, all the action here is bareback.

There are two ways to enjoy the content on Raunchy Bastards, so let's start there before I talk about the videos. You can buy a streaming membership for a month and watch whatever you want. You can also use the site by purchasing à la carte packages of tokens and redeeming them to watch or download movies, so you're only paying for the movies that you want. However, if you have the streaming membership, you'll have to buy tokens to download any scenes you'd like to keep. You can also use the tokens to stash movies on the site's cloud, as well, and you can come back and watch them anytime, even without a membership.

Raunchy Bastards now offers 51 videos thanks to regular weekly updates. They're full scenes that play at 976x550 in MP4 format and come in three different speeds. The quality varies depending on the theme; most are amateur quality or better with decent lighting and sound, but those hidden camera videos are what you'd expect with grainy pictures and subdued lighting; nevertheless, they're quite watchable and enjoyable. The downloads weren't very quick, but they eventually wrapped up in a three to four minutes. The videos are sized at 1280x720 with bitrates of 4 Mbps or better, and the vids are compatible with newer mobiles. Generally speaking, the downloadable versions are better quality than their streaming counterparts.

Each video has a picture gallery featuring a collection of average quality screencaps that display in a picture viewer that offers a hands-free slideshow feature. You can save the pictures individually by right-clicking on a thumbnail, but there's also downloadable zip files, and those pictures display at 768x432; the online versions are a little smaller and not quite as good quality as the ones in the zip files.

Was there anything I didn't like? Well, I'm not fond of memberships that make me pay extra for downloads, but I'm also not a video collector and it is becoming pretty standard practice in Pornland. Also the downloads could have been faster and sometimes the download screen swirled "preparing video for download" long after the process was actually finished, but I just clicked my browser's back button and everything was fine.

Raunchy Bastards has grown to 51 videos in hot themes like "Creeper Casting" and "Hooker Cam." I liked the relaxed feel of the videos, which did seem more casual and felt like we were watching a real hotel-room porn shoot. And those hidden "Hooker Cam" videos were pretty horny and felt like we were sneaking a peek. I didn't love every guy, but most of them were pretty hot to watch and quite a few of them fit the notion of "rough trade", which I find dangerously hot. In a world of a whole lot of the same old thing, it's nice to see a site trying something different. Raunchy Bastards gets an A for effort and its regular weekly updates, and I'm looking forward to watching it grow - I really like what they have to offer so far.

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