It was a day like any other as a willing gay sex slave I had been one for 20 years my original master kept me for a few years trained me hard & stretched my hole until one day I was told I was ready to be a swap meet bitch I looked at my master in shock he through some street clothes on the floor & told me I had five minutes to decide the rest of my life.

I could put the street clothes on & leave or stay & be a gay sex slave slut past from one owner to the next for the rest of my life until I start to look old then I'll become a gimp.

I stayed master came back he laughed at me as he slammed the door shut he then gassed me the next thing I new I was in a different house master had given me away ten owners later  & many years of cum drinking & major ass stretching i was beginning to show my age alot of the time i was made to wear a gimp mask & I heard them talk about putting me in the milking barn then i had to were the gimp mask all the time one morning I was taken away & told I was going to the milkbarn to be milked for the rest of my days. 

I woke up later in a larg room full of guys in gimp suits with a hose connected to a cock milker there was no one there but us gimps a large screen tv turns on & a dominatrix tells us we will spend the rest of our days drinking our owm cum multiple times a day & night so drink up little fags our cock milkers turned on the hole room was humming as we got off a door opened people wheeled in fuck machines we could do nothing but mone I heard one of the other slaves climax then a gulping swallowing sound as his milker pumped his own cum into his mouth.

We were all going at it moning loadly as the fuck machines we attached to the floor behind us one by one we all cummed & swallowed the fuck machines were installed a woman walked in we all gave out a mone of shame & inbarisment she laughed at us as our enemas began this is your last chance to get out bitchs our gags were removed as we were still being enamored we all said fuck me im your bitch slut.

 We had been bondage gay sex slaves for so long we couldn't go back  to normal life then we were told we were all going  to be taken  to gay sex dungeons as fuck toys what we didn't know was we were being shipped over seas the crow on the cargo ship got to use us but at each port one or two of us would be given away china , Japan, Russia then I was the only one left I was never to leave the boat I was there bitch. 




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