• Anchors Away Sailor Boy

    My brothers Nave buddy visits for a shore leave. Thats when I discover what life is really like, And I find our just what Anchors Away really means.

  • Andre: Teasing The Landlord

    A bubble butted French Canadian teases his landlord with his over inflated ass and reaps the benefits.

  • Anonymous Encounter

    a random encounter

  • Another First Time - Definitely Not For Beginners

    No matter, Rick and Steve now changed positions and I readied myself to accomodate Steve's weapon. Thankfully, Rick said to Steve that might be good to empty the rest of the lubricant into my asshold. Rick had stretched my asshole to the point that I barely felt the nozzle go into me, although the coolness of the lubricant did feel good on my now-burning asshole.

  • Anthony and Joey II

    Part II of anthony and Joeys love story.

  • Arny, My Best Friend

    Arny and His mom had lived next door to us for almost all of his life. Arny and I were like twins in that we were born the same year, the same month, the only difference was My birthday was two days before Arny's.

  • Asleep on the Couch - Alabama (AS2)

    Sean's cock forms a small droplet of cum on its head and drops its dollop, another one forms as the other one reaches the hard wood of the floor.

  • Asleep on the Couch - The Hotel Room (AS3)

    I am now naked; I fondle my own cock, just because I want to touch myself. This time I am not worried nor do I hide my own arousal from him. He saw my hardened stiff cock in the water of the pool while we both watched the sixty-nined display of...

  • Asleep on the Couch - The Introduction (AS1)

    New Series. New Characters. - - He gets up from his chair and bends over, exposing his ass, which causes his low-hanging balls to descent between the hairy shaped V of his legs and ass-crack.

  • Asleep on the Couch - The Shop (AS4)

    He cups his cum heavy filled balls with both of his hands while he stands across from me in front of the table. The little rounds globes of man-juice are pulled up tight to his cock, he has replenished quickly from his fuck earlier and is ready to go at it again but men his age are ready to go again, within minutes, if they are not completely satisfied.

  • Austin and Dylan at Summer Camp.

    Austin is sooo closeted, but Dylan somehow extracts his sexual tension out in a summer camp shower.

  • Awake with Jake Part 1

    The story of how me and my mate Marcus first hooked up.

  • Awake with Jake Part 2

    I continue telling my dad the story of my first time with another guy...

  • Awake with Jake Part 3

    Sharing my bed with my friend from uni, I find it difficult to get to sleep...

  • Awake with Jake Part 4

    Unable to sleep, I nip to the bathroom to try and tire myself out...


    After an unusual introduction to gay sex, I realized that it was the life I was meant to live.

  • Awakening

    After years of curiosity, I decided to see what it was like.

  • Awakening for Barry

    Barrys coming to the realization that I was gay brought on total mental stress, but he soon found out just why I loved gay sex so much.

  • Back Alley Boi

    As he scoured the inside of Roger's mouth with his tongue, Nick kept rubbing and pressing against his cock until it was hard as a rock. He wanted him to want it bad. He could feel his hands on his butt and he could tell by the way he was squeezing it that it was working.

  • Back to Chicago

    A story about me and a guy that I love, sadly most is my imagination

  • Back to Chicago 2

    More about me & Chris

  • Back to Chicago 3

    Me & Chris

  • Backpacking With Uncle Rusty

    A naive, slender 18-year-old boy lives out his fantasy: having sex with the 22-year-old college wrestler who is his favorite uncle.

  • Badly Drawing Boy

    I get called to my son's sixth form college after one of his cartoons offends the Assistant Principal...

  • Barte Thornton - And the End

    Josh delivers Barte's jacket, and learns that all that glitters is not gold.

  • Barte Thornton - The Beginning

    Josh, a gay salesman in a local department store meets, Barte Thornton, a sophisticated, expensively dressed young man. After selecting an expensive suede jacket it is arranged for Josh to deliver the jacket to an expensive, exclusive hotel address. Josh learns how Barte can afford the high style living.

  • Bay City

    A college student softens the heart of a battle scarred veteran and finds love in a place neither of them suspected.

  • Beach Boy (My First Time)

    My true first tme gay sexual experience.

  • Beachwalker

    An older guy finds beauty and sex and considers what it costs the object of his attention.

  • Because I wanted to

    why i started sucking dicks