• A Holistic Approach

    I go to a 'Men's Sexual Health' meeting for help and advice about my male rimming fetish...

  • A Hot Day At The Beach

    A young, hot, handsome, naive teen boy gets taught how to love a man!

  • A Lifestyle Change

    When I saw him that first time I felt my body react like it never had before when I looked at another man.

  • A Loss of Innocense

    The Story of young Kyle's beginning into a much larger world of Man-2-Man sex.

  • A Man Gets Made Into A Whore

    Unknowingly Ben is given feminine hormones. His small cock is unable to get hard now ut he is very horny most of the time. He just wants to feel cocks inside his man-pussy.

  • A Man in My Bed

    My first night spent with another man in my bedroom starts off a little awkward until I manage to relax...

  • A Monday Milking

    Fake torture leads to healthy orgasms.

  • A Monstrous Break, After Swimming

    Zach and Dylan start their sexcapades right away, this school year.

  • A Most Helpful Therapist

    After years without therapy, Alex is back to try to find excitement in his otherwise dreary life...

  • A Motorcycle Ride

    An older man recalls his first sex and his first love. He wonders at its meaning.

  • A Moving Experience

    Paul is newly 18 and gets caught up with his new neighbor who turns an average afternoon into an experience.

  • A Moving Experience Continues

    Paul continues to find out the meaning of love thy neighbor.

  • A Moving Experience Goes On

    Paul continues to get to know his neighbor in ways that are way beyond the Welcome Wagon.

  • A New Experience

    After visiting the gym one day, I had a whole new experience in my life.

  • A New Job

    I was excited, looking forward to my new job. It wasn't a career change, just a change in employers in the same field. But what happened, after the job change, changed me.

  • A Night in Dreamland with Ken (part 1)

    A young boy discovers his new way of life after a night at his best friends house.

  • A Night with Jim

    A true story of an older guy finally discovering his true sexuality after years of marriage.

  • A Night with Jim (Part 2)

    Continuation of the same night

  • A Pill A Day

    What happens when a man accidentally swallow down his visiting father's Viagra pill just before heading off to work? The result is a hot encounter in the Men's Room with a sexy co-worker at the workplace. Thanks for reading. Comments welcome.

  • A Shocking Christmas

    Luke looks forward to spending his Christmas vacation with his dad at their mountain cabin snow skiing and ice skating.

  • A Shocking Christmas - Part 2

    Luke finds out that his dad is gay. His curiosity is aroused and he decides to act.

  • A Shocking Christmas - Part 3

    Luke has found out his dad is gay and confronts him in part 1. In part 2, he begins oral with his dad and the park ranger. In part 3 Luke and his dad take it further.

  • A Slave For You

    I was disappointed when Anna Willis, the lady who ran the teenage shelter, told me that I was gonna be taken in.I liked living here, I had friends here and I didn't wanna go anywhere else.

  • A Son's Awakening

    Josh Wilson accidentally discovers his Dad's part time job.

  • A Son's Awakening - Part 2

    Josh devised a plan to see if his dad would disclose his part time job.