• Adventures of a Cum Slut

    By the time I was eighteen, I had tasted and swallowed more cum than most guys might hope to take in a lifetime. But it was still all my own nectar. By now my private desires were becoming so insatiable that not even my over-productive balls could produce the quantity of baby-batter to satisfy my almost insatiable appetite.

  • Adventures of a Horny Lifeguard

    A horny virgin lifeguard finally gets what he wanted with a hot DILF.

  • Aengus

    "Sexuality is one of the ways that we become enlightened, actually, because it leads us to self-knowledge."

  • After Effects of the Kiss (Part-1) : Sequel of "The Thermo-Dynamics of a Kiss"

    This is the story in continuation to my previous short story, "The Thermo-Dynamics of a Kiss". The stories are from real life incident, and part of my personal blog https://desimunda.wordpress.com . Follow the blog and subscribe it to get the latest updates via email in your inbox. To read all the stories from the beginning of this love story, in chatper-wise order, please refer to Table of Contents on https://desimunda.wordpress.com/table-of-contents/ Again, waiting for your valuable feedback, suggestions, likes and appreciation on my blog. -------------------

  • After the Hurricane

    A young man gets to live out a fantasy he had been fostering for years...

  • Alex being fucked for the first time (tied up in speedos too)

    Alex is a str8 mate of mine who 'outed' me as the Aussie Speedo Guy. Over the last 12 months Alex has explored his gay side. I've been writing about what Alex and I have been getting up to and this is the story of the first time Alex had a cock in his arse.

  • Alex Sucks Cock for the 1st Time

    Alex's first time with a guy (me) involved me sucking him off, his second time involved fucking me. Now, Alex had the courage to suck his first cock. I used a little honey to sweeten my cock for him to suck on.

  • Alex's First Threesome

    Having a threesome with 2 guys was on Alex's Bucket list, I arranged for a threesome at Birdie Beach (a nude and very private beach). I wasn't sure how much Alex would participate but he got right in there and love it!!!

  • Alexander's Arms

    I let my eyes fall on his stopping short , his hazel eyes had gold flecks in them those very flecks I always wondered came from seemed a lighter, and softer gold.

  • All Sticky in his Slit

    I had to force my hand between his thighs. Billy was squirming around and giggling. I needed both hands to force his legs apart, I was desperate to get at his bum hole.

  • Along Came Antonio

    Two lonely old men find love the second time around.

  • Am I Queer?

    surprise first time sucking cock

  • An Admirer

    It was a new school, one that seemed intolerable. Then the notes started.

  • An Author's Encounter

    A story of a very young college author and his first time.

  • An Awakening By The Sea

    My first time was daring, exciting and unintended. At a remote beach in the sand dunes. I was only seventeen, "He" was many years older, handsome and willing to take charge!

  • An Emo's Dream Come True

    My name is Anthony Malino, and I have always liked men. I knew from a very early age that I was gay and would live the gay lifestyle. I had no problem with that, though a lot of people did.

  • An intense encounter

    High school guy has his first gay experience with his friends older brother.

  • An Unforgettable Day

    A hot incindent between two best friends.

  • Anaconda at the nursing home

    Finding a huge one at the nursing home..

  • Anchors Away Sailor Boy

    My brothers Nave buddy visits for a shore leave. Thats when I discover what life is really like, And I find our just what Anchors Away really means.

  • AndrĂ©

    The two of us got along pretty well and I would spend some time at his house watching his big screen TV and messing around in his garage work shop. Even though he was 6-years older than I was André didn't seem to have a problem hanging around with a 19 year old. We would talk about stuff.

  • Andre: Teasing The Landlord

    A bubble butted French Canadian teases his landlord with his over inflated ass and reaps the benefits.

  • Annual Business Trip

    I reached for my laptop and thought about browsing some porn but instead typedin Craigslist. It didn't take me very long to find Travis'sadvertisement: "Married man seeking cocksucker. Prefer marred anddiscreet. In town for the week. Will meet in hotel lobby. Attached is apicture of my cock."

  • Anonymous Encounter

    a random encounter

  • Another First Time - Definitely Not For Beginners

    No matter, Rick and Steve now changed positions and I readied myself to accomodate Steve's weapon. Thankfully, Rick said to Steve that might be good to empty the rest of the lubricant into my asshold. Rick had stretched my asshole to the point that I barely felt the nozzle go into me, although the coolness of the lubricant did feel good on my now-burning asshole.

  • Another First Time Ch. 01

    Recruited to use feigned first-time sex in spying, Trent's first assignment is pumping info and being pumped in Bermuda

  • Another First Time Ch. 02

    Going under the horse-hung arms trafficker English and Pakistani horsemen in England

  • Another First Time Ch. 03

    Trent flies a flight steward, serves a waiter and is spiked spiking a German-Russian chemical deal in Austria

  • Another First Time Ch. 04

    Trent spreads his legs for a terrorist's gun in Turkey.

  • Another First Time Ch. 05

    Trent is sold as a virgin by a sex slaver and debauched by a Greek sex photographer on Mykonos