• A Son's Surprise

    An interesting night with a teenage boys father. this story is completely fictionaly, all characters names have been made up.

  • A Step-Brothers First Time Saga 1

    One step-brother tries and explores his new found lusting for his new step-brother.

  • A surprising reward for helping a friend

    A neighborhood friend needed my help. He showed his appreciation afterward.

  • A Truckers Tale

    As a solo driver, I loved the opportunity to get a blow job at the truck stops or rest areas when I was horny. But suddenly, I was assigned a co-driver and lost my freedom for such luxuries.

  • A Truckers Tale - Part 2

    Mike gets Brad as a co driver and begins to fine out more about him.

  • A Truckers Tale - Part 3

    Mike had decided to let Brad, his co-driver, suck his cock. It would be his forst one from a guy. What would it be like and could he return the favor?

  • A Truckers Tale - Part 4

    Mike gets his first blow job and considers sucking Brad.

  • A true sad story.

    Its the true long wierd story of my life. It isn't very erotic i must say. Its about a Swedish 'White-trash' guys escape from a life of welfare and depression to a life of happiness and open gayness. The only thing that isn't real is the names.

  • A Walk in the Park

    A breath of fresh air in the local park seems like it would be a good idea to help clear my mind...

  • A Week At Camp-Part 1

    Hey you guys! So this is my second story. I saw a few people liked the first one so I thought eh give it another try. It starts out a little slow but trust me it is worth it! So yeah here it is! Hope ya like it!

  • A Week At Camp-Part 2

    Hey guys. Sorry it took awhile to get this story out. I've been trying to figure out how to continue it. If you have any suggestions for a next part to this story OR another story just leave them in the comment box.


    A younger work mate asks for new type of training exercise.

  • About Kirk

    Steve is a young man looking to get fucked for the first time. He calls a hustler name Kirk and gets taught an amazing lesson.

  • Accepting His Good Fortune

    Ted was aching for Ken, even now as he looked up to see Ken looking at him. He could see the hurt now, more than before and it made his heart ache too. There was no denying his feelings, or those that Ken held for him. Slowly he stood up from the chair and stepped over to sit next to Ken.

  • Across The Threshold

    He moved on to getting more direct than that. A night when the crowd was sparse and I was working over in the corner, bench-pressing weights, he came over to spot me.

  • Adam and Steve

    Time spent with two friends serves to further fuel the sexual fetish that's slowly consuming me...

  • Adonis Vacation

    My back arched and I gasped as he took me in his mouth. It had been so damned long since I'd felt anything like that. Hunger. Naked fucking hunger. He sucked me hard, greedily, one hand caressing my balls, the other pressing flat on my abdomen. He took me in deep, sliding his hot, tight lips up and down.

  • Adventures of a Cum Slut

    By the time I was eighteen, I had tasted and swallowed more cum than most guys might hope to take in a lifetime. But it was still all my own nectar. By now my private desires were becoming so insatiable that not even my over-productive balls could produce the quantity of baby-batter to satisfy my almost insatiable appetite.

  • Adventures of a Horny Lifeguard

    A horny virgin lifeguard finally gets what he wanted with a hot DILF.

  • Aengus

    "Sexuality is one of the ways that we become enlightened, actually, because it leads us to self-knowledge."

  • After the Hurricane

    A young man gets to live out a fantasy he had been fostering for years...

  • Alexander's Arms

    I let my eyes fall on his stopping short , his hazel eyes had gold flecks in them those very flecks I always wondered came from seemed a lighter, and softer gold.

  • All Sticky in his Slit

    I had to force my hand between his thighs. Billy was squirming around and giggling. I needed both hands to force his legs apart, I was desperate to get at his bum hole.

  • Along Came Antonio

    Two lonely old men find love the second time around.

  • An Author's Encounter

    A story of a very young college author and his first time.

  • An Awakening By The Sea

    My first time was daring, exciting and unintended. At a remote beach in the sand dunes. I was only seventeen, "He" was many years older, handsome and willing to take charge!

  • An Emo's Dream Come True

    My name is Anthony Malino, and I have always liked men. I knew from a very early age that I was gay and would live the gay lifestyle. I had no problem with that, though a lot of people did.

  • An Unforgettable Day

    A hot incindent between two best friends.

  • Anaconda at the nursing home

    Finding a huge one at the nursing home..

  • Anchors Away Sailor Boy

    My brothers Nave buddy visits for a shore leave. Thats when I discover what life is really like, And I find our just what Anchors Away really means.