• Kurt and Ben

    Two guys meet over the internet, and one goes to visit the other.

  • La Lectura

    When I had cum in a great spouting of pent-up cream, he turned me on my belly on the cot and covered me closely with his body and began a rhythmic stroking of his cock down into me between tightly encased butt cheeks.

  • Late Night Fun

    Blake is unsure of meeting Jason late at night but goes along with it anyway.

  • Laundromat

    He flashed the perfect teeth at me and walked to stand in front of me. He was so damned close. My cock got hard, and I was too shaken to try and hide it. He looked down at it and smiled again. "Well," he said softly. "Part of you likes me. Now if I can only get the rest of you to like me.

  • Learning about Uncle Hank

    Uncle Hank was my hero, always exactly what I wanted to be, and I wanted to be like, I didn't know just how much like Him I really was, Untill that special night.

  • Learning Chapter 38

    Mick and Bailey visit California, film some porn, host a few clients and have sex in public.

  • Learning Chapter 39

    Mick does bondage porn.

  • Learning chapter 40

    Mick and Bailey finish filming the bondage porno.

  • Learning Chapter 41

    Mick goes to an appointment, the guy is hot but Mick senses something is not right.

  • Learning Chapter 42

    Mick's feeling the trick wasn't going to be good turns out to be worse.

  • Learning Chapter 43

    Mick tells Bailey about being raped.

  • Learning Chapter 44

    Mick's California visit. How much abuse can one guy take?

  • Learning Chapter 45

    Mick's latest trip to Cali continues.

  • Learning Chapter 46

    Is it really over?

  • Learning Chapter 47

    Working a "real" job.

  • Learning Chapter 48 - Conclusion

    Working for a living, and being paid by check.

  • Learning the ropes on vacation

    A freshman teaches a senior the ropes.

  • Lee

    After awhile of doing gay for pay porn, Lee realizes he's falling for his partner Tristian. Since he has a girlfriend it poses a minor problem, however they make the perfect duo. Please rate and comment.

  • Legal Briefs

    Dyson became my forth roommate in college this year. He was studying Law, and I was studying Dyson, really getting into my studies too.

  • Lets get this Straight You're gay

    me and an incredibly hott friend left alone at another friends house. what to do, what to do?

  • Life Classes - Part 1

    David and his fellow student, Sean, need practice drawing the nude. They decide to help each other out.

  • Life Classes - Part 2

    Sean continues with David's education...

  • Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

    This is my first story so please go easy on me, if you like it please comment on it and i will upload part 2 thank you.

  • Life on Cambus

    As he starts University, how will Leo cope with the strange new surroundings and the chance to show a side of himself never seen before?

  • Little Off The Top

    His eyes widened but he opened his mouth quickly, feeling the hot pole pushing inwards. He choked a little as the cock was jammed inwards, and he wrapped his lips around the throbbing shaft, as Brian moved it in and out slowly. He fed him his cock for what seemed several minutes, with one hand holding the cock as it entered his mouth, the other grasping his hair, and holding his head tightly in its grip.