• Hostel night to remember

    My hostel roommate can't keep it in his pants any longer, and I do my best to encourage him.

  • Hot For Teacher

    I gasped as his fingers brushed over the lump at the front of my jeans. I outright moaned as he pressed his palm firmly against it and squeezed lightly. Then he quickly unzipped my jeans and with my help, pulled both the jeans and my black silk boxers down to bunch around my ankles.

  • Hot Gay Sex in a Men's Clothing Store Dressing Room

    While shopping for a tuxedo for my high school senior prom, I lost my virginity at age 18 to the gorgeous manager of the mens' clothing section of an upscale store in Miami.

  • Hotlanta The Beginning

    Dre is a playa the likes of which few have meet. Martice is a young handsome and new to the game, This is the begining of what will be a great love story or just Thugluv Drama

  • Hotlanta Tryst

    The Second Story in the Hotlanta Line. So they made it work or did they and as old people move back into their worlds will this cause problems, and someones life is about to change forever

  • Hottest Guys In School

    Party time! Franklins party is the one to be at. Especially if you want to get it in.

  • How Do You Like It?

    My evening with Debbie doesn't go to plan and I'm left wondering why a part of me felt so neglected...

  • How I found out I was Gay

    This is a true story of how I was introduced to the gay life when I was nineteen years old. (Oh and Daddysboy69. I read your comment on my Ultimate Job interview story. We should chat If you go back to it I think my e-mail address is posted. Hope to hear from you.)Dex

  • How I lost my virginity

    Most incidents - good or bad, changes the outlook towards life. But moments like falling in love changes the whole life.

  • How I was Seduced by a Southern Farm Boy

    Three days after my 18th birthday, my parents and I traveled from our home in South Carolina to our friends farm in Tennessee. On the second day of our visit, the farm family's 20-year-old gorgeous son asked me if I would like to help him feed the horses stabled in the barn. This is where I, as a young stud, lost my virginity.

  • Hungry and short of cash

    A teenage boy going it alone finds that it can be a lonely hard life. Hungry and bored he stumbles upon a gay cruising area and is cruised by a punter looking for a rent boy.

  • Hypnosis On My Mind

    A foolish foray into erotic hypnosis proves to be a real life-changing experience.

  • I Lost My Cherry in a Bathhouse

    This is the story of my first time with an anonymous man in a gay bathhouse.

  • I was shopping for a girl

    How I came to be feminized and how I learned to like getting made up and shopping for my lingerie, and other female attire, I was good at being their sexy girl.

  • Im straight I swear Pt. 2

    I motioned for her to get in the car to make it a little more private. "What happened to him in his last school?" I continued in the car. I was listening intently wanting to know more...

  • Im straight, I swear!

    First story, no sex... but stay tuned ;)

  • In Real Life

    A Simon goes through a bad break up but soon finds love.

  • In Real Life - Chapter 2

    Simon goes through a bad break up but soon finds love.

  • In Real Life - Chapter 3

    Simon goes through a bad break up but soon finds love.

  • In Real Life - Chapter 4

    Simon goes through a bad break up but soon finds love.

  • In the Shower

    I did now when he entered the bathroom even. he was taller and much stronger. then bent down his head press his lips onto mine aggressively, and his hands rubbing my thin body, he has hair and muscul legs, and strong hips I felt something hard hot tightly against my little butt.

  • In The Woods

    Two young men have their first gay experience together in a cabin in the woods

  • In Your Dreams

    I slowly slid my cock inside him and he jerked a bit. I started slow and eventually was pounding the shit out of him without even realizing it. He was moaning and grunting like crazy. I finally exploded inside him and he screamed with pain/pleasure.

  • Independence Day

    My first gay experience.

  • Ink

    Mark gasped, as he reached for his shorts to pull them up. His blue eyes were as wide as saucers, and I realized that he was scared shitless that the big, tough, tattooed guy was gonna deck him for daring to get a hard-on while sitting half-naked on said tattoo guy's worktable.