• Internet friend

    They're not all bad on the net.

  • Is Ryhlonda Home

    When a happily married man is left alone with his daughter's frequent visitor he's put to the test as things.....develop!

  • Is the doctor in

    Fun games with a surprise.

  • It begins

    The first part of a 7 part sex life of David. He meets Luke a witch and discovers and whole new world.

  • It Just Happened

    Nathan was happily married, running his own successful construction business when his eyes fell on one of his worker's. Up until this point, Nathan had never experienced any homosexual tendencies, but that would definitely change!

  • It Only Makes You Stronger

    Kyle Austin is a very shy and an introverted young man. He's aways been that way not to mention secretly gay then one day he meets Callum Harbinger, a really confident - quite good looking - fellow who appeals to him instantly. He knows Cal is straight but he wants him so, so bad and it's all he can think about. Callum brings out the best of him.

  • Jack and His First Older Man

    Once Jack had let off his load Dan was the wanking his cock so he could shot his load. When Dan and built himself ready he stuck his cock back in Jack's arsehole and let it all out.

  • Jacob Told Me He Was Gay

    We both bust out laughing, he knew I couldn't be forceful, and I knew he was the horniest boy on the planet. He started to undo his pants when I stopped him. I told him that if I was going to give him head, he would have to obey my rules.

  • Jacob Told Me He Was Gay 2

    Jacob must have seen the pain on my face, because he told Bryan to pull out. Jacob must have cum watching me inhale his brother's cock because it was glistening. I had gotten enough air, and now being more prepared, I was ready to give Bryan the blow job of his life.

  • Jacob Told Me He Was Gay 3

    I was going out of my mind; my body was in a state of ecstasy. Jacob was sucking my cock while his brother, Bryan, was eating my pucker. My mouth was feeling a little lonely, so I took Jacob's cock into my mouth, completing the hottest 69, I had ever had.

  • Jacob's Brother

    I met Jacob at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. The moment he entered the classroom for the first time, I felt an immediate attraction to him. But it was his brother that I would find myself with.

  • Jacob's Brother

    I met Jacob at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. The moment he entered the classroom for the first time, I felt an immediate attraction to him. But little did I know that his brother would be the one that I would get anywhere with.

  • Jake's Christmas Present

    Jake proves himself to be a very thoughtful son when his Christmas present arrives early...

  • James and Simon in the middle.

    A college freshmens life slowly begins to change as he finds himself falling for someone unexpected, in all definitions of the word.

  • James and Simon in the middle. Chapter three

    The heat gets turned up in chapter three when James takes Simon out for a late night visit to the creek. Make sure you read up on Chapter one and two before diving into three.

  • James and Simon in the middle. Chapter two

    The story is picked up from where we left the boys last. You learn insight to how they met and a build to the third chapter is created! Enjoy!

  • Janitorial Services

    That High School Janitor was a nice looking, well built friendly guy, and it wasn't long before I found out just how friendly.

  • Jason and Adam: The Sleepover

    When a sleepover turns into more.

  • Jason and David 4

    Stories Jason & David 1 to 3 give previous detail, whilst Jason and Gareth depict a slightly older Jason. This is my favourite Jason and David story because, having a brother myself, it confirms how deep and true brotherly love can be.

  • Jason and Gareth 2

    A carry on from Jason and Gareth 1, Jason makes good headway with Gareth's education!

  • Jason's Idol

    Dylan was the stud at high school, everyone looked up to him, and had every reason, he seemed perfect in every way, The girls all swooned and drooled, Mr. Perfect, and I noticed too. But I'm a guy, What chance do I have?

  • Jason,my best friend

    Jason had a hot body well built abs and average height for his age.

  • Jeff Finally Finds out

    Jerry had been Dad friend from work and had endeared himself to our family, but from a young lad I have had feelings for Him, and now after all these years the moment of truth, does he or doesn't he. I'm finally gonna find out.

  • Jeremy The CS Worker

    Being Coordinator of a Food Pantry I had to deal with a lot of Community Service workers and they are like leaves blowing in the wind, they come and they go, nothing special, that is untill I had Jeremy blow into my life. WOW!

  • Job Interview

    I went to a job interview out of town a week early to see if I'd like living there. What happened made my decision for me.