• Jake's Christmas Present

    Jake proves himself to be a very thoughtful son when his Christmas present arrives early...

  • Janitorial Services

    That High School Janitor was a nice looking, well built friendly guy, and it wasn't long before I found out just how friendly.

  • Jason and Adam: The Sleepover

    When a sleepover turns into more.

  • Jason and David 4

    Stories Jason & David 1 to 3 give previous detail, whilst Jason and Gareth depict a slightly older Jason. This is my favourite Jason and David story because, having a brother myself, it confirms how deep and true brotherly love can be.

  • Jason and Gareth 2

    A carry on from Jason and Gareth 1, Jason makes good headway with Gareth's education!

  • Jason's Idol

    Dylan was the stud at high school, everyone looked up to him, and had every reason, he seemed perfect in every way, The girls all swooned and drooled, Mr. Perfect, and I noticed too. But I'm a guy, What chance do I have?

  • Jason,my best friend

    Jason had a hot body well built abs and average height for his age.

  • Jeff Finally Finds out

    Jerry had been Dad friend from work and had endeared himself to our family, but from a young lad I have had feelings for Him, and now after all these years the moment of truth, does he or doesn't he. I'm finally gonna find out.

  • Jeremy The CS Worker

    Being Coordinator of a Food Pantry I had to deal with a lot of Community Service workers and they are like leaves blowing in the wind, they come and they go, nothing special, that is untill I had Jeremy blow into my life. WOW!

  • Job Interview

    I went to a job interview out of town a week early to see if I'd like living there. What happened made my decision for me.

  • Job Interview.......Part 2

    After having my first male sexual experience and realizing that it is what I prefer, another surprise comes forward.

  • Jogging at the Track

    There I was jogging around this track and then I saw him, setting his gym bag down, and taking off his sweats he stood there in a pair of jogging shorts and tank top shirt, I almost fell over, my mouth went dry and I stumbled and felt like I would faint, He was gorgeous. But why was I feeling like this?

  • Johnny Reb

    Life changes for a frightened young deserter from the Army of the Potomac when he meets his Johnny Reb.

  • Jordans Week Off

    He didnt wait when he flipped out his huge cock it was at least 9 inches long and 6 inches around. I was hypnotised with it I could only imagine how it would feel just to hold it in my hands. When I noticed I had grabed his cock and began to move up an down on it.

  • Josh - The love of my life

    Josh is the new 18 year old that moved to this school from the closest city 2 hours away, he is tall, a bulging 6 pack, the softest skin that you could ever feel, and the biggest package on record. I am completely and totally in love with him, But he is my best mate.

  • Josh and Leo - Episode 1

    When Josh goes off with a family friend on a youth trip he gets a huge surprise.

  • Josh's Birthday

    Josh is always there for curt. And when Josh finds out curt knows nothing about masturbation, Josh is there to help, as always.

  • Journey Into Lust

    Paul has an unexpected encounter with an older man who leads him on an ever-expanding journey of sexual discovery.

  • Just a Bus Ride: Chapter 1

    Events and Occurrences of Just a Bus Ride!

  • Just a Bus Ride: Chapter 2

    Chapter Two - They Started Doing Stuff For Me

  • Just a Bus Ride: Chapter 3

    Chapter Three - Are You Game, Man?

  • Keep This On The Low-Low (Pt I)

    A street hardened youth, the last thing young Jamir wants is to be caught with a gay man. But curiosity killed the cat...

  • Keep This On The Low-Low (Pt II)

    A street hardened youth, the last thing young Jamir wants is to be caught with a gay man. But curiosity killed the cat...

  • Keith First Time

    I was at a crossroads of whether to be straight or Gay, or was I just kidding myself, and then I decided, or did fate and circumstance decide for me.

  • Kidnapped and Converted

    A young man is put to sleep, snatched and forced to cum.