• How to suck uncut cock

    Not so much an erotic story, but more a guide on how to suck uncut cock thru my own experiences with the intact cock. Enjoy guys

  • Hungry and short of cash

    A teenage boy going it alone finds that it can be a lonely hard life. Hungry and bored he stumbles upon a gay cruising area and is cruised by a punter looking for a rent boy.

  • Hunter

    I was on my fishing boat, working the coves of my favorite lake all afternoon on this warm summer day, with limited success I might add. I spotted him just as I was coming around a bend. He was all alone tanning on the white sandy beach, a healthy looking young man with blonde hair and with a smooth swimmers build. I was surprised to see that he was sunbathing in the nude.

  • Hypno therapy for assholes

    The name of this subject is Khile Normance, he is a well built young man with a toned muscular physique. He has black hair and brown eyes, I didn't now his crotch size at this time so i wont say. The man had a piercing in his left nose witch always cought my attention

  • Hypnosis On My Mind

    A foolish foray into erotic hypnosis proves to be a real life-changing experience.

  • I discovered Gloryholes

    Let me tell you about my first experiences with gloryholes. I was 18-years old and living on the east coast. I’d always been fascinated with sex and had acquired a large collection of porn magazines over which I'd jerk off daily.

  • I discovered sucking cock

    Like most men, I was a little curious about how men got it on with each other, so I figured what the hell and went into the arcade area. The arcade area consisted of two hallways, each lined with booths. There were ten booths in each row, totaling forty booths in all. When you pass through the beaded curtain into the arcade area the first thing I noticed was the smell. In later years I would recognize it as a mixture of cigarettes, sweat, cum, piss disinfectant, latex, leather, lube and aromas.

  • I gave my first blowjob

    My secret is my first bi experience. I'm a late twenties bi-sexual male in a relationship with a female at the current time. I have remained faithful to her through the course of our relationship and would never cheat on her.

  • I Lost My Cherry in a Bathhouse

    This is the story of my first time with an anonymous man in a gay bathhouse.

  • I Loved Being A Cock Tease...Got Taught A FUN Lesson

    Story Of How I Lost My Cherry As A Teen

  • I suck off my best friend's brother

    I suck off my best friend's brother.

  • I sucked a cock and I loved it

    I am a married, white male, athletic build, very masculine. I've been married over 10 years. In the last 2 or 3 years, as my wife Barbara was sucking my cock, I've often have watched her and wondered what it would be like to suck a big cock and take a load of hot cum in my mouth. I started fantasizing about cock and started watching a lot of gay and shemale porn.

  • I Sucked a Guy Off

    Once he'd slid he seat back and tilted it, I reached over and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his khakis. He raised his butt up off the seat and helped me slide them and his briefs down, exposing his mostly-hard cock. My breath caught when I touched it.

  • I was shopping for a girl

    How I came to be feminized and how I learned to like getting made up and shopping for my lingerie, and other female attire, I was good at being their sexy girl.

  • If you really need the job-Melvin interviews Tyree

    Melvin is late thirties store owner. He uses that to his advantage very well by interview underqalified, disadvantage and desperate guys. African American Fiction

  • Im straight I swear Pt. 2

    I motioned for her to get in the car to make it a little more private. "What happened to him in his last school?" I continued in the car. I was listening intently wanting to know more...

  • Im straight, I swear!

    First story, no sex... but stay tuned ;)

  • In Due Time

    Shane went through high school with all the anxieties of a closeted gay male who was looking for a way out, eager for the time to pass and get to a place he could be himself.

  • In His Truck-[GF-14]-part-1-of-1

    no description available for this story.

  • In my robe

    Out side in my robe

  • In Real Life

    A Simon goes through a bad break up but soon finds love.

  • In Real Life - Chapter 2

    Simon goes through a bad break up but soon finds love.

  • In Real Life - Chapter 3

    Simon goes through a bad break up but soon finds love.

  • In Real Life - Chapter 4

    Simon goes through a bad break up but soon finds love.

  • In the Shower

    I did now when he entered the bathroom even. he was taller and much stronger. then bent down his head press his lips onto mine aggressively, and his hands rubbing my thin body, he has hair and muscul legs, and strong hips I felt something hard hot tightly against my little butt.

  • In The Woods

    Two young men have their first gay experience together in a cabin in the woods

  • In Your Dreams

    I slowly slid my cock inside him and he jerked a bit. I started slow and eventually was pounding the shit out of him without even realizing it. He was moaning and grunting like crazy. I finally exploded inside him and he screamed with pain/pleasure.

  • Independence Day

    My first gay experience.

  • Ink

    Mark gasped, as he reached for his shorts to pull them up. His blue eyes were as wide as saucers, and I realized that he was scared shitless that the big, tough, tattooed guy was gonna deck him for daring to get a hard-on while sitting half-naked on said tattoo guy's worktable.

  • Innocence Taken

    A single dad lost his innocence by his fellow worker.