• Kitty & Wolf (Intro to a Line that Could Be Broken)

    Adventures of Claudio and Daniel. A Euro-looking couple in the small city of Ox Nads, KittyvanWolvenia.

  • Knock Before Entering

    Young man enters bathroom without knocking and enters a world of sensations new to him. He might just keep on exploring this side of life.

  • Kurt and Ben

    Two guys meet over the internet, and one goes to visit the other.

  • La Lectura

    When I had cum in a great spouting of pent-up cream, he turned me on my belly on the cot and covered me closely with his body and began a rhythmic stroking of his cock down into me between tightly encased butt cheeks.

  • Last College Daze

    This is a series about my last year in my college life and going through something. It's going to have you in all types of emotions.

  • Late Night Fun

    Blake is unsure of meeting Jason late at night but goes along with it anyway.

  • Laundromat

    He flashed the perfect teeth at me and walked to stand in front of me. He was so damned close. My cock got hard, and I was too shaken to try and hide it. He looked down at it and smiled again. "Well," he said softly. "Part of you likes me. Now if I can only get the rest of you to like me.

  • Leading the Blind

    That late fall a new regular passenger showed up on the bus. Looks wise he was a total looker. 5'9" or so, solid toned body, beautiful ass, oh and had a white cane to guide him around. Yeah, he was blind. Still, unless he had some sixth sense, I could watch him to my heart's content, and not fear getting caught.

  • Leading the Blind part 2

    I woke up to nature calling. I felt the warm breath of someone on my neck. Disoriented, it took me a moment or two to place where I was.

  • Learning about Uncle Hank

    Uncle Hank was my hero, always exactly what I wanted to be, and I wanted to be like, I didn't know just how much like Him I really was, Untill that special night.

  • Learning Chapter 38

    Mick and Bailey visit California, film some porn, host a few clients and have sex in public.

  • Learning Chapter 39

    Mick does bondage porn.

  • Learning chapter 40

    Mick and Bailey finish filming the bondage porno.

  • Learning Chapter 41

    Mick goes to an appointment, the guy is hot but Mick senses something is not right.

  • Learning Chapter 42

    Mick's feeling the trick wasn't going to be good turns out to be worse.

  • Learning Chapter 43

    Mick tells Bailey about being raped.

  • Learning Chapter 44

    Mick's California visit. How much abuse can one guy take?

  • Learning Chapter 45

    Mick's latest trip to Cali continues.

  • Learning Chapter 46

    Is it really over?

  • Learning Chapter 47

    Working a "real" job.

  • Learning Chapter 48 - Conclusion

    Working for a living, and being paid by check.

  • Learning the ropes on vacation

    A freshman teaches a senior the ropes.

  • Lee

    After awhile of doing gay for pay porn, Lee realizes he's falling for his partner Tristian. Since he has a girlfriend it poses a minor problem, however they make the perfect duo. Please rate and comment.

  • Legal Briefs

    Dyson became my forth roommate in college this year. He was studying Law, and I was studying Dyson, really getting into my studies too.

  • Les Is More

    Les is more than just a classmate, he's one hot package of pulsating masculinity.

  • Lets get this Straight You're gay

    me and an incredibly hott friend left alone at another friends house. what to do, what to do?

  • Life Classes - Part 1

    David and his fellow student, Sean, need practice drawing the nude. They decide to help each other out.

  • Life Classes - Part 2

    Sean continues with David's education...

  • Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

    This is my first story so please go easy on me, if you like it please comment on it and i will upload part 2 thank you.

  • Life on Cambus

    As he starts University, how will Leo cope with the strange new surroundings and the chance to show a side of himself never seen before?