• Having A Laugh

    Me and my mate film ourselves on my phone pretending to do gay stuff to show the lads down the pub

  • He Came From Above

    It was like Sam had been waiting for just those words. Before Peter could even say more he felt Sam leaning further into his body and reaching to bring him into his own body. He felt the warmth of Sam's bare chest against his own

  • Hidden Coins

    A young visitor finds some coins and wants to know the story benind them, which leads to hot sex!

  • Hide-and-go-seek Ch.1

    A group of 16 year old teens decide to compete against each other by playing a kids game... With a little twist. (Sorry guys, just begins with sex near the end, I'll continue on later.)

  • High School

    High school is hard enough right?

  • High School Memories - Part One

    Intro to a series...no sex...but it gets steamy. ;)

  • High School Memories: Part Four

    Sex. Everything is perfect. Or so Niles thinks....

  • High School Memories: Part Six

    I got up and took Justin's hand and guided him to my bedroom. Passion overtook both of our bodies and we went in! I've never been kissed like that before. I've never been touched like that before. I've never felt that way before. I didn't want this night to end!

  • High School Memories: Part Three

    Things get more complicated for Niles....

  • High School Memories: Part Two

    Things escalate with John in the weight room, but we didn't slip away going unnoticed.

  • High School Wrestler Has His First Sex with Door-to-Door Salesman

    Levi, an 18-year-old high school senior and member of the school's wrestling team, is home when he experiences his first Gay sex with a door-to-door salesman.

  • Highballing

    I got out of the shower and Salvas dried me off with the towel, Making quite sure that all of my private parts were dry and well rubbed. After he finished, he moved around the room, straightening up, but never quite getting around to putting his clothes back on.

  • His first time

    Young boy loses his V-card to his boss on the bosses desk.

  • Hitting the High Notes

    Two singers who despise each other find they have something in common...

  • Holiday Season: Hanging Mistletoe Leads to Hot College Student's First Gay Sex

    Ken, a virgin college student, follows the holiday tradition by kissing Eric, his college professor, under the hanging mistletoe. The kiss leads to a steamy sex marathon between Ken and Eric.

  • Hollywood Romance

    A Hollywood Romance Brian thinks he and Wes have the perfect relationship until he stumbles upon Wes' not so little secret. Can he handle it? (not as angsty as it sounds)

  • Home Depot

    At age twenty six, I've done pretty well for myself. I've been able to amass a fortune that I didn't even know was possible when I was younger

  • Honey Peach

    A young couple's passionate first night.

  • Hostel night to remember

    My hostel roommate can't keep it in his pants any longer, and I do my best to encourage him.

  • Hot For Teacher

    I gasped as his fingers brushed over the lump at the front of my jeans. I outright moaned as he pressed his palm firmly against it and squeezed lightly. Then he quickly unzipped my jeans and with my help, pulled both the jeans and my black silk boxers down to bunch around my ankles.

  • Hot Gay Sex in a Men's Clothing Store Dressing Room

    While shopping for a tuxedo for my high school senior prom, I lost my virginity at age 18 to the gorgeous manager of the mens' clothing section of an upscale store in Miami.

  • Hotlanta The Beginning

    Dre is a playa the likes of which few have meet. Martice is a young handsome and new to the game, This is the begining of what will be a great love story or just Thugluv Drama

  • Hotlanta Tryst

    The Second Story in the Hotlanta Line. So they made it work or did they and as old people move back into their worlds will this cause problems, and someones life is about to change forever

  • Hottest Guys In School

    Party time! Franklins party is the one to be at. Especially if you want to get it in.

  • How Do You Like It?

    My evening with Debbie doesn't go to plan and I'm left wondering why a part of me felt so neglected...