Stories by sucker

  • Eighteen Wheels - Part 4

    A decision is made.

  • Eighteen Wheels - Part 3

    After searching my inner self, i taste my first cock.

  • Eighteen Wheels - Part 2

    The Marine hitchhiker i picked up mademe realize my curiosity about sex with another male.

  • Eighteen Wheels

    Unexpected events in one's life can lead to drastic changes in his lifestyle.

  • The Biker Part 3

    advancing quickly with Duke and his biker friends.

  • The Biker Part 2

    After becoming Duke's bookkeeper, I find out that the bar is also the headquarters for their biker club, The Two-Wheelers. And i also found out more than expected.

  • The Biker

    After seeing the hot biker on several ocassions, i finally meet himin person.

  • Looking Back - Chapter 5

    Final chapter - Mark goes on his date and finds out that it is his dad

  • Looking back Part 4

    As time draws close for me to meet my 'mystery man', i continue remembering events from the past.

  • Looking Back Part 3

    I continue remembering past experiences.

  • Looking Back Part 2

    I continue looking back on my past experiences.

  • Looking Back

    After making a date with a man i met online, I began to look back on some of my previous encounters.

  • The Crew Part 3

    I finally meet the crew i would be working with, but i was not expecting what i found

  • The Crew Part 2

    I continue to remember my sexual escapades while waiting formy interview with the construction crew.

  • The Crew

    After the Army, i apply for work on a construction crew, and am told i have to be interviewed by the other crew members.

  • Unexpected Part 2

    More unexpected events follow.

  • Unexpected

    You never know when unexpected sex will occur.

  • The Long Haul Parrt 3

    Events continue to arouse my curiosity.

  • The Long Haul Part 2

    After offering Chad a ride, I get to know him better.


    You never know what is around the corner when you are a long haul trucker.

  • The Encounter

    After a chance encounter, things get interesting!

  • Curious Part 3

    Things become more interesting. (Sorry forthe delay in writing!)

  • Curious Part 2

    My curiosity gets stronger as Duke and I share a bed.

  • Curious

    Certain events in my life made me curious about having sex with another male.


    Glory hole sex can lead to unexpected encounters.

  • The Handyman Part 5

    The introduction of male sex continues with Hank and Buck.

  • The Handyman part 4

    As Buck moves in, things began to take a different direction.

  • THE HANDYMAN.........Part 3

    Construction slows as Mark ad Hank discover facts about each other .

  • The Handyman Part 2

    Hankand i get better aquainted as he begins working on my house.

  • The Handyman

    (Hello readers,,I'm back!) After getting tired of city life, I bought a place in the country and with a contractor, I started renovations, only to be left high and dry half way through.


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