Stories by FRANK ASSET

  • My Big Ass Brothers (Part 2) A Very Wet Trip

    John spent a good couple of day with his brothers. They all had fun getting wet. Especially John...

  • My Big Ass Brothers (Part 1) Intro

    John was the oldest out of the four of them. John was always the cool and hot one. He made girls chase him. Until John noticed something about his three brothers. They all had grown huge asses

  • Black Ass Friends

    I didn't even play sports, I was naturally born with my big ass. And I enjoyed having my big ass, It gave me a lot if attention. Oh! And my friend too. My friends name is Trey and he had the same big, bubbly, round, jiggly, black ass as I did. We both had the biggest asses we could ever dream for.

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