Since I last shaved my head and body getting rid of the hairy monster that I had been for a while my hair has grown about 4 inches and it is long enough to be shaved off again. But this time I want to do something special. I went to a chemist and bought some dying colour for my hair. I want to turn blonde before I change the colour of my hair to dark black.

As it is a nice and sunny day I decide that I could have some fun lying naked on a deck chair on my terrace. I prepare the blonde dye and take it with me to the terrace and take all my clothes off.

I lie down on my deck chair and bend my head backwards so that it does not touch the wood of the chair. I put some plastic gloves on and start applying the dye on my hair. I take a comb and work the colour carefully through my hair. Then I take the gloves off and in the meantime my cock has grown and got hard.

Now I take him in both hands and make him bigger and bigger. As I feel that I am getting close to my first orgasm today I stop masturbating and grab my balls with both hands. After a while my cock calms down a bit and I start again my masturbating business. This time I want my orgasm and screaming of sheer fun I get it and my sperm shoots out of my cock and spreads all over my chest. I massage my body with my sperm and have a little rest holding my cock with both hands.

The time has come to see the new colour of my hair. I get up and go to the shower. I can see my head in the mirror and my hair has definitely changed colour. I turn the warm water on and wet my hair. With both hands I work the colour and the water through my hair. Then I stand under the flowing water and see the remains of the colour running down my face and then the new blonde colour of my hair comes to full sight.

I shampoo my hair extensively and then I turn round a bit that I can see myself in the mirror from the side. I bend my head backwards again and let the water rinse my hair again. Seeing my blonde hair falling on my shoulders my cock is getting hard again and a few minutes later I have my second orgasm today but now with clean blonde hair.

After preparing the black colour for my hair I return to my deck chair. My hair and body is still wet from the shower and I work with both hands through my hair until it is nearly dry. Then I put plastic gloves on again and start applying the new colour to my head. After working it carefully all trough my hair I comb my hair straight backwards and let the colour do its work.

That is the sign for my cock to be satisfied again. I cannot deny his wish and I masturbate him with both hands. In between I grab my balls again with one hand and continue satisfying my cock. The next orgasm as well ends on my chest and I give my body a good massage with it.

Now the new colour should have done its work and I go back to the bath. This time I kneel down in front of the bath tub and take the hand shower to wet my hair. I feel a lot of hair in my hands working the water in and using the hand shower again I see my black hair falling down in front of my eyes like a curtain. This makes my cock busy again and rinsing my black hair I masturbate again. As I feel my orgasm coming I stop rinsing my hair and catch the coming sperm with both hands and work it through my black hair.

Then I am standing under the shower again and shampoo my hair. This time I bend my head forward and watch the shampoo coming out of my hair. Completely wet with my black hair as a curtain in front of my eyes I find my way back to the deck chair carrying the clipper in one hand and my cock in the other one.

Again I dry my hair with both hands and as soon as I have got the feeling that it is dry enough I take the clipper and turn around on the deck chair and lie on my stomach. I have put a mirror on the floor under my head and see my long black hair falling down. I move the clipper to the back of my head and start shaving my neck. My hair is falling down on the mirror and as I have shaved the back of my head completely the mirror is full of long black hair.

Now my cock is demanding again for attention and I turn round on my deck chair. Lying on my back now I masturbate my cock with one hand and continue shaving my head completely bald. I have only seconds to get rid of the clipper before I get my next orgasm. This time I catch my sperm and massage my shaved head with it. I then take all my hair off from the floor, cover my body with it and relax for a while.

But I am not ready yet. I get up from my chair and have a shower again rinsing all my hair off my body. Then I fill a big bowl with hot water, take the shaving foam and a razor out to the deck chair. The bowl with the water I place on the floor behind the deck chair and lying on the chair again I can put my head backwards into the bowl with the hot water. I leave it there for a while and take care of my cock and balls again.

Then I apply the shaving foam to my head and start shaving my head with the razor and continue treating my balls and cock. In between I leave them alone and touch my head to make sure that it gets really clean. Finally I put my head into the bowl again and continue shaving my head under water. I do masturbate my cock at the same time and get my final orgasm for today combined with a loud scream of joy. I keep my head under water in the bowl and hold my cock and balls in both hands for the next few minutes until my cock gets small again.




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