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Story by AnonymousMan on 11 Oct 2006

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Even though I prefer to be fucked, my big dick (9 inches) always attracts

the attention of guys who want to get fucked by a hung guy. I certainly

can relate to that, since dicks like mine are the best ones for getting

fucked with. A year or so ago I met a guy that became a regular fuck

buddy. We were both hung nicely and enjoyed getting fucked.

It was nice to take turns plowing each other up the hole. Since we'd

become more or less exclusive, we'd done away with the rubber thing, preferring

to take the other's cock for a hot fuck and then turn around and slide

our own uncummed cock up the other dry ass. I suppose I was leery

at first, but when I felt how incredibly hot it was to shoot up inside

an ass, I started to crave it.

Frank (my fuck buddy) had always loved to suck cock too, so it wasn't

unusual for him to hit the local cruising spots to get a few dicks.

Imagine my surprise when I went over to his place one night (expecting

to get fucked) and saw a hot college kid in the living room. Frank

had met the kid (Danny) at a local park and brought him home for a marathon

of blowjobs. According to Frank, they were working on Danny's <i>fifth</i>

when I walked in. Danny apparently had bottomless balls and loved

the talented mouth on my friend.

Danny was hot as hell. He was probably 20 years younger than I

(I'm 38) and cute as a puppy. Short soft brown hair, deep brown eyes

a hot build (gym four or five times a week, for sure) and a dick that was

perfect for sucking. His legs were spread and his feet were planted

on the coffee table behind Frank, giving me a beautiful view of his pink

rosebud. There was something about that hot pink hole that made me

dying to fuck Danny.

After Frank finished him off again, he stood up and asked if I wanted

a taste. Frank went off to the bathroom and let me squat down and

get that hot wet rod in my mouth. Danny giggled a little and said

I had a hot tongue. I moved my tongue to his nuts and began to give

him a ball bath. He loved it. I lifted his eggs and put my

tongue on his hole. Whoa, he wasn't expecting that. He started

to squirm in the chair, wrapping his legs around my neck. I rimmed

him good and deep and took out my cock. I was leaking so hard that

my dick was lubed up in no time. I gave Danny another deep lick and

then looked into his brown eyes.

'You want my cock in this hot little hole?' He closed his eyes,

not answering. I flattened my tongue and dragged it over his smooth

pucker. Mmmm the taste! I asked him again. 'You ready

to be fucked?' Frank was back now, jacking off next to us as I seduced

this hot young hunk. After enough licks, Danny finally broke down,

begging me to fuck his ass.

I rose up and pressed the head of my 9 inches to his asshole.

Even the rimming hadn't relaxed him enough to take my big dick. I

pushed, a little harder than I should have. His hole slowly tore

open, pulling the head of my cock inside him. Danny groaned and grabbed

my hair. I kept pushing. Fuck, he had the tightest little hole

I'd ever tried to fuck. My shaft is even thicker than my cock head

which pried his snug little slot open even more. I had it about half

way in when Danny's ass had a deep spasm. Something inside him gave

way, sucking the rest of my rod deep up his chute. I nearly popped

watching the bottom half of my thick took sink into this kid's tight fuck


Danny moaned a little about how big my dick was and how sore I was making

his ass feel, but like most novice bottoms, he realized the discomfort

was just temporary. Once his ass got used to my dick up inside he,

he was able to lie there and let me fuck him just the way I would an experienced

bottom. Frank was really getting off on watching me take this kid

bareback. His own huge dick was between my face and Danny's and I

knew when he came he was going to hose us both down. Sure enough,

Frank gave it up and nailed Danny's cute young face with a gallon of hot

manjizz. I couldn't hold back myself. As soon as I said I was

cumming, Danny grabbed me and started making out with me. I tried

to pull out of his ass, but his insides were just holding me and milking

me. I buried my face on his smooth chest and just groaned in pleasure

as my cum began to fill him up. I think I shot for nearly a minute

and when I pulled out and took a glance at his hole, the second before

it closed up, I saw a fucking deluge of my cream fighting its way out of

his ass. The hole was just too damn tight to let any out though.

Frank got back down on the floor and blew the kid again, sending him off

with a promise to come over again and an ass full of my jism.


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