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iOMACHO is the 30th site in the CJXXX Network, and this one features exclusive content filmed in South America. If you like Latin guys in their twenties with big uncut cocks, you'll love this site. And even better, members get access to all 30 sites in the network. Let's head inside and have a look.

The guys here are a mix of smooth, slender Latin guys; some are borderline twinks, as well as some college-aged jocks who are more defined plus a few muscled studs that the site refers to as papis. (Papi literally means "daddy" in Spanish, but in porn it's almost come to mean any hot guy who is fucking your ass - "Ai papi, that feels good!") While most of the guys are smooth, a couple were a little furry, and several are sporting ink. As far as I could tell, the guys are all uncut, so foreskin fans will love them.

There are seven duos and one solo jerk-off video inside iOMACHO. These videos are filmed in South America, and so far all the sucking and fucking happens in the same bedroom. The latest video has Goyo sitting in a chair; he's a cute guy with some face scruff wearing shorts, but he's bare chested and sporting bare feet. His buddy Chuy is in the foreground, and as Goyo masturbates he tells his buddy in Spanish to pull out his dick, then a few seconds later says "Show me your ass." Chuy heads over to the chair and sucks Goyo's cock. Then in the bedroom they both do a lot more sucking. Chuy bends Goyo over and shoves his big raw hard-on inside the boy. In the finale, Chuy pumps Goyo's ass hard, then pulls out and explodes all over his buddy, seconds later Goyo's nuts unload.

There are 14 videos in the iOMACHO members area, and the site updates once a week. You can download the videos in two different sizes in MP4 format - 640x360 and 1920x1080. These are good amateur full scenes with good picture quality and sound. They download quickly and play well. You can also stream the videos on the site, and these are also MP4s that play at 640x360. There's a full-screen mode, but I found the videos lost a noticeable amount of quality. Good news is you shouldn't have any problems playing these videos on your handheld devices.

The videos come with a brief description of the guys and what happens as well as their names. There are various category tags that will help you find similar scenes and there are some recommendations at the bottom of each video's the page, but keep in mind these may be from any of the other sites in the network. There are no picture galleries here.

Your membership gives you access to all 30 sites in the CJXXX Network; four of these feature more Latino guys and two of them are updating regularly. The other sites offer a variety of guys from straight boys to Asian twinks, hairy daddies to American rednecks, skaters to British guys, and more. And there's another new site featuring twenty-something guys exploring their foot fetishes. Most of the action in the network is bareback, although there's some condom sex, as well. You'll also get over 60 third-party video plugins stocked with videos from every gay niche imaginable.

Are there any drawbacks? First, the non-recurring membership costs $20 more than the recurring version. iOMACHO is new, so the site is small and there's not a lot of variety at the moment. For instance, a hung top stud named Tomas fucks three different guys in three videos and does a jack-off video, too, and a horny bottom named Maximo gets fucked in four different videos. There are some problems with the members area interface cutting off parts of the descriptions on the homepage, and the release dates don't display properly. There are some claims on the tour like "daily updates" and "1000s of original updates," and both of these refer to the network and not this site in particular.

I like Latin guys and I love fat, uncut cocks, and you'll find both at iOMACHO in raw fucking action. Yes, the site only launched recently, offering 14 videos to download, stream and view on your mobiles, and a new video is being added once a week. But the real draw here that this site is part of a network of 30 sites, and no matter how you look at it, that's a lot of content for your membership buck. And as I've mentioned, several of these network sites focus on Latin guys and most of the sites feature bareback fucking. As well, the CJXXX Network is growing fast - they have added two new sites in the past month, so there's lots of new and fun things to check out.

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