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Reviewed by on 24 May 2013

80 score out of 100
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UK Naked Men has always offered a hot variety of British and other European men; the photography is exceptional and sometimes contains simple story lines that help us get into the action. The site has been around since around 2006 and has introduced us to many sexy guys who have gone on to have very successful gay porn careers like Harry Louis, Dillon Buck, and monster-hung Matt Hughes. We haven't reviewed UK Naked Men since October 2011 and they have recently redesigned the site and made some changes, so it's time to head back and see how things are going.

Obviously UK Naked Men is about British guys, so the site doesn't focus on a particular type of model. You'll find smooth, slender guys alongside hairy, muscled men. And in fact, not only will you find British guys here, but other Europeans and some Americans. The guys are a mix of porn first-timers, amateurs and established performers. The guys here range from their early twenties to late thirties or so, and the body types are all over the map. You'll find slim, smooth guys with little muscle definition, jocks with athletic bodies, all kinds of regular guys who don't really fit into a category, hunky muscle men like Jessy Ares, Samuel Colt, and Harley Everett, a fair number of tattooed men, and quite a few black studs, too. And like I said, UK Naked Men doesn't shy away from hairy guys and you'll find the odd Italian, Spaniard, Frenchman, or German, as well. And most of the performers sport uncut cocks, so foreskin fans will be happy.

The site offers both solo jack-off videos and hardcore suck and fuck scenes. In the latest 12 updates there have been 3 solos, 8 duos, and 1 threesome scene. The next 12 updates only had 1 solo and 1 threeway video and the rest were duos. The action is your standard kissing, sucking, rimming, fucking, and cumming, but UK Naked Men has always tried to film interesting scenarios like a couple of guys screwing at the office or a guy takes his car into the garage and gets extra service from the mechanic. Their Gay Bar Or Bust series was hugely popular and spanned two DVDs with about 10 scenes altogether, and took us inside a gay bar for all the dirty goings-on between the bar owner, the staff, and the customers.

UK Naked Men recently undertook a complete redesign of the site and changed their back-end content management system. The biggest change is that the site now only offers streaming videos. The good news is that the entire inventory is available in three different sizes of MP4 ranging from a modest 480x360 to a large 900x670. The streaming videos play smoothly and one of the best improvements is that you can now jump ahead and back in the timeline without having to wait for buffering to catch up. The videos are clear, well lit, and quite good quality. And it looks like all of the vids are filmed in HD. I also found the full-screen mode on most of the videos was pretty good, which is a definite improvement.

When we last reviewed UK Naked Men in 2011 they had 271 videos, but in May 2013 they're showing 270 videos. The site has updated fairly consistently with a new video once a week, so it seems that they may have dumped over a hundred videos somewhere along the line, possibly older movies that weren't filmed in HD, but I'm not sure. In the early years, UK Naked Men was plagued with update issues, sometimes updates were on schedule, other times they were 3 or 4 days late. But they seem to be on a consistent update schedule now and add a new video every Monday.

UK Naked Men also has 969 photo galleries with digital stills ranging from 533x800 to 683x1024. They used to separate the photos into solo and hardcore sections, but no longer do, everything just falls into the same area. The pics are very good quality and the photography is professional. You can view the photos in thumbnailed galleries, slide shows, or you can download a zip files.

One of the things I don't like about UK Naked Men is that the photo galleries don't accompany their corresponding videos. Movies are under Videos and pictures are under Photos, so if you like a couple of guys in the latest video, you have to jump over the Photos section to see if they also have galleries. The model names in the video sections are clickable, so that makes it easier to find more of a model you like, but I'd be happier with a tabbed set-up on the video updates so one could easily flip between the video and photo galleries.

UK Naked Men used to offer their videos in three different formats, but they have eliminated WMV and Real Player videos and now only offer MP4. Not a deal breaker, but I thought I should mention it.

UK Naked Men has a lot going for it, and I think their recent design and back-end improvements have made the site better. The men are mostly good looking and sexy and come in a large variety of "flavors", and while I didn't love every guy, with over 300 men on the site, it's certainly not hard to find lots of men who get me excited. I'm not bothered by the lack of downloadable videos because I don't like clogging up my computer with movies and UK Naked Men now has a full streaming server, which makes watching their videos much more enjoyable. With a back catalog of almost 300 videos and a new one every week, you'll find plenty here to keep you watching and enjoying these sexy men.

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