Reviewed by on 16 Nov 2009

60 score out of 100
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Tranzmania advertises itself as a cross-dressing tranny site. It is every bit of that. While some of the picture and video sets show what definitely is guys in drag, many others can definitely be considered ladies - and attractive ones at that. Some of the models have boobs and others obviously wear falsies. The action covers a wide range of posing and situations. There is some soft core posing, featuring favored dresses and such things as maid outfits. There is also some naked solo posing, masturbation and hardcore sex, complete with fucking, lots of sucking and a few hot threesomes. It also appears that Tranzmania has developed a new resolve to refresh this site, with updates now appearing more regularly after a fallow period of a year or more. Currently, picture updates come at far more regular intervals.

The members area of Tranzmania is refreshingly simple. The heading menu is completely straightforward allowing one to navigate to each of 5 categories painlessly and quickly. As mentioned, they spent quite a bit of time at one point without updating but it now appears they are back in business with photo updates coming an average now of every week, although the video section has not updated in a couple of months. There are no ads or distracting popups and there is a total of 100 picture sets and 28 total videos, plus pics and videos in the bonus sections.

The primary video section offers 28 videos and delivers mostly exclusive cross-dressing content with individuals, twosomes and even a couple of threesomes for some extra spice. The videos are WMV format, most videos offered in both high and low resolution, although some are offered only in high or low. The high res videos are shown at between 640x480 with a bitrate of around 780k, which are not all that sharp and clear, to 768x576 with a bitrate of around 1.4 Mbps, which aren't bad. For those on slower connections, there is the lower res versions. A couple issues with the videos are that some vids are actually only a part of a full video, and that download speeds are on the slow side.

There are 100 picture sets in the Tranzmania pictures area. Each set offers from 15-50 pictures each and all come in zip files for easy downloading. These are all of the cross-dressing genre and a few include sexual situations with other people. The picture size varies although all are on the large side, from 526x1000 and some are as large as 1000x1414. Quality also varies quite a bit, even within each set. I'd say that on average the quality is amateur, with occasional blurry pics in some sets. One thing I noticed is that some of the pic sets don't include nudity.

Tranzmania offers a variety of models, from amateur-submitted photos of cross dressing men working their own magic - some obviously more male than others - and tranny pictures and series featuring some pretty gorgeous trannies, solo and in action with others. Thus the range of models is exceptionally wide but no less genuine, interestingly. The videos are more sexual, exclusive and just a little less amateur. They therefore have an element of spontaneity and a few rough edges.

The other two areas are the Bonus and a Friends categories. The Bonus area features 25 movies and 46 pic sets of real Trannies doing kinky things and the Friends section deals with 7 movies in full length or by chapter and 22 pic sets. This section features various "stars" of the cross dressing genre including Zoe Fuck Puppet and Strap-On Jane. The videos in both sections are WMVs but are faster to download than the site's main videos. There's also a single gallery of tranny erotic art.

I did have some issues. One is that the video section has not updated in a couple months. The other regards the downloading times for the videos. They do take a while. I may be somewhat spoiled anymore with streaming videos giving up the goods in moments, yet I have rarely waited as long - up to 40 minutes - for a download of a movie. Having said that, for an appreciator of a genre, sometimes the wait is worth the price of admission.

In sum, Tranzmania offers precisely what it aims to offer - a focus on cross-dressing as well as tranny action, in exclusive pictures and video. There is a nice mix of softcore posing and hardcore sexual activity which I find particularly interesting in that it shows a regard for the genre itself which includes every aspect of what cross-dressers delight in. The tranny section is red hot with some smoking sexuality, yet still offers picture sets of fabulous clothing and progressively revealing stripping. While the video section is on the small side, the pic section offers 100 sets, and I think the bonus sections add good value. I'd be happy if Tranzmania would keep updating their pic sets and start updating their videos again. In the meantime, if you like amateur cross-dressers and trannies and don't mind sites that focus on pics, Tranzmania is worth a visit.

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