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I was excited when new gay porn site Top Latin Daddies popped up in my review assignment queue because I love Latin men, I'm a committed bottom, and I'm turned on at the thought of servicing a hot daddy. And when I arrived on the site, I was greeted with a slick and attractive design, big photos, and free preview videos. However, I was instantly confused because the first update contained a model named Joey McClain, an older daddy who is about as lily white as you can get, and his scene partner is Gabriel, a hot, hung Latino guy. And Gabriel is the top in this scene, so you can see my confusion. Where are the "top Latin daddies?"

I do hope that you'll stick with this review until the end because Top Latin Daddies has a lot of hot content and I really liked the site. It'll just take a bit of explaining to cover this site's quirks.

Top Latin Daddies is both a membership site and a pay-per-download site. You can opt to buy a monthly membership and you'll be able to stream all of the videos online.

The videos stream in a player in four different sizes from 430x240 for low bandwidth users to 1280x720 for high bandwidth connections, and there are two other different-sized versions - 640x360 and 850x480 - so there's a good selection of choices.

If you prefer downloadable videos, you don't need to join the site; you simply buy a package of tokens and download the movies you want. A package of 30 tokens costs $29.95 and on the day I visited the site they had a special where you could double your token purchase for no extra cost, so buy 30 tokens and get 60. Most of the scenes cost 10 credits to download, but some only cost five tokens. And you can download the scenes in two different sizes of MP4: 850x480 (for mobile) and 1280x720, ranging from 1200 to 3000 Kbps. And the site doesn't use DRM, so these scenes are yours to keep.

Top Latin Daddies opened its doors with 86 scenes: 55 gay sex scenes and another 31 videos with older men fucking women. The site allows you to sort the content so you can view gay only, straight only, or you can see everything. So, if you're not into straight sex, you never have to see it, and the default display offers up their gay content.

The free tour only allows you to view a free trailer for the latest update. The rest of the episodes display photos taken from each episode, it's unfortunate that you can't get a video peek at these. But there are a good sampling of preview pictures displaying the scene's guys and action.

The daddies on the site are men in their sixties and the join page states "each scene has an older guy over 60 guaranteed," and this largely seems to be the case. Each daddy is paired up with a younger guy, and most of the time this is a twenty-something-year-old guy, but sometimes you'll find the scene partner is an older guy in his thirties or forties. The site doesn't live up to it's name because not all of these Latin daddies are tops, and in fact, some aren't even Latin, but when this is the case their scene partners are usually Latino. I guess all of this doesn't really matter if you're only buying the scenes you want, but it would have be nice if the site owner had matched the site's name with the theme.

In spite of all the missteps on Top Latin Daddies, I really liked this site. It's very well designed; it's clean and slick with big preview pictures and the latest update has a two-minute preview clips. The videos that I opted to watch downloaded quickly. I downloaded one version that was optimized for mobile devices and tablets and it displayed at 852x480 on my desktop computer. It was clear, good amateur quality with decent lighting and sound. And I actually found this version played the best. The HD video at 1280x720 didn't fare so well on my computer, I guess I need to upgrade my graphics set-up. The HD video played alright, but if I dragged the slider to jump to another part of the scene, the HD version took a lot longer to catch up whereas the smaller version, which was still quite big, caught up and played instantly.

If Top Latin Daddies were a regular membership site, I might tell you to take a pass on it because the site's name doesn't live up to the content offered. But if you like watching older men having sex with younger guys in their twenties (or sometimes thirties), and you don't care who is top or bottom and who is Latin or not, Top Latin Daddies has a good offering of content. As an older guy myself, these videos got me pretty revved up with fantasies of younger, ripped and hung guys playing with older daddies. I was happy with the quality of the videos I downloaded and the site was really a pleasure to navigate and it didn't get in my way of enjoying the content. The bottom line is that the only way you'll discover if Top Latin Daddies is for you is to take a look at the tour, watch the free preview trailer, and check out the episode previews.

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