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Tickled Hard is a labor of love from a dominant bearded, tattooed Daddy named Franco who really knows just how ticklish the male body can be. He puts guys in bondage, and once they're helpless, tickles their bellies, armpits, soles of their feet - just about anywhere the average person is ticklish. There's planty of dominant and light-hearted tickling, not to mention the bondage plus some cock-stroking and sucking, and sometimes the guys jerk off after they've caught their breath. Franco really knows his way around a bondage table, and unlike some bondage and fetish sites, Franco keeps the sessions fun as well as sexy. As each tickling episode moves on, he strips a little more clothing from his victims till they're being tickled while totally naked, struggling against their bonds as they unwillingly laugh, shriek and squirm. By the way, there are a few threesome and group tickle and bondage sessions that are definitely worth watching.

The guys here are mostly college-aged, from 18 to around 26 years old. There's a mix of straight guys, amateurs and gay-for-pay performers with fit bodies including slender, average and athletic types, as well as some who are on the muscular side. Some are clean-cut guys, some are tattooed or a little bit scruffy, and there are a couple of black jocks in the mix. Most have never been tied up before OR tickled professionally, and each responds a little differently, not only to the tickling - which becomes a matter of endurance - but also to being tied up and stripped or sucked by another guy. The action is fun, fresh and the videos make great watching for those who love seeing helpless guys stripped, bound and tormented as they give up control of their bodies.

Tickled Hard opened their doors late in 2012 and has grown to 141 episodes, each with pics and videos, and the site adds a new episode every Friday like clockwork. The videos are available in WMV and QuickTime formats; they're sized at 960x540 at good amateur quality, and for the most part are sharp and clear. The vids are downloadable, DRM-free and are also available to stream for those who prefer to watch their videos online. Sound and lighting are usually pretty good, if not studio quality, making these videos a very hot tickling experience.

While the photos are probably screencaps, they look good enough to pass for digital stills - it's hard to be sure since they're good amateur quality, as well lit as the videos and are almost certainly chosen and processed by hand. The pics show off the guys and the action very well, and there are 12 to over 25 photos of each session. Disappointingly, the pics are not offered in downloadable zip files, but I was able to individually save each pic by right-clicking each thumb and saving as, a plus since some of the photos are definitely worth having.

This site doesn't offer extras like bonus sites and blogs, but each video includes a satisfyingly long and definitely juicy description of the action that's hot enough to get tickle fetishists revved up before they even get to the pics and videos. And the reasonable membership prices make this site a very good value, especially considering that there aren't that many tickle torture and male tickling sites around.

I didn't find a lot to complain about. There was a pop-up when entering the site, but my pop-up blocker handily defeated it. Also I was unable to play the streaming WMVs in all browsers, but I had no problems with the QuickTime vids after activating QuickTime for the site, and I had no problems downloading the videos in either format.

Tickled Hard delivers hot straight guys, well-built hunks, amateurs and a couple gay-for-pay performers being bound, stripped and tickled by a dominant, tattooed and hairy daddy who really knows how to torment with tickling. Some of the guys get blown, stroked or jerk off, as well as tickled. The tickling is done with fingers, feathers, brushes - whatever tickles the most sensitive parts of the body. There are 141 exclusive, DRM-free videos to download or stream, and the site adds a new video every Friday. I think that fans of bondage and male tickling are going to really like Tickled Hard has to offer.

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