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The Casting Room is a tricked straight guy / porn audition site where the guys answer an ad to become performers in straight porn movies, but things don't go quite the way they had in mind. As part of their auditions, they're interviewed, examined, weighed and measured, and they are made to pose naked for the camera from just about every angle. There are some cock closeups, and these straight guys have to lean over and spread their cheeks, giving the camera (and us) nice views at their tight, virgin assholes. When it's finally time for their screen tests, each man shows us what he's made of as he gets his cock hard, then jerks off and shoots his load on camera.

Most of the straight guys are from the UK or parts of Europe, which means you'll find plenty of uncut cocks here. The examination parts of the episodes expose our porn star hopefuls in just about every way; they expose their soft, hooded cocks, hairy armpits, not to mention their assholes. They're humiliated, helpless, and vulnerable - they were expecting to bone a hot chick, but it's a lot more embarrassing to stand by yourself and expose every inch of your naked flesh. Before each video is done, our porn wannabes also masturbate till they shoot their loads. Some of the guys actually come back to do a second video where they do guy-on-guy gay sex sessions, sucking some dick, or getting fucked on camera for pay.

The Casting Room now offers 1,079 videos, although a few of these are from other sites, and for a while now this site has been adding five or six videos per month, each between three and ten days apart. Each episode is broken into three parts - the interview, the physical examination, and the "Erection, Masturbation, Ejaculation Test." The new videos are offered for download in WMV and MP4 formats; the WMVs are sized at 960x544 and are sharp and clear, and they enlarge well. The MP4s are smaller, sized at 696x390, and looked good on my phone and tablet. The older videos are offered only in WMV format, the larger version sized at 640x360 at good amateur quality, although these don't look as good at full screen. Newer vids are also available in streaming Flash at good amateur quality.

Each episode comes with a set of pictures and as with the videos, the pic sets are broken up into three sections. These are surprisingly good quality screencaps (even the oldest ones from 2005 look pretty good) sized at 1200x675, and while there are no zip files or slideshows, they can be individually downloaded.

While the site doesn't have a bonus section or sites, some of the updates are actually videos from other sites from the same studio. They tend to be of similar niches - humiliated males. There's also some content and a section called "The Fucking Room" that seems to be a part of The Casting Room where the videos include anal.

Does the site have any issues? First is the good-sized collection of ads on the bottom of the member home page, filling at least a third of the page; most of these are animated to catch the eye, and some could be mistaken for content as well. Next, the tour states the videos have been "HD Since Jan 2005." Maybe they were shot in HD, but the older videos are delivered to members in standard definition only. The site exaggerates the number of videos; even though it's a large site, the tour claims there are 6,344 videos (not even close!). Then there's a $1.95 processing fee members must pay on top of the already rather steep monthly membership cost. It's worth mentioning that the videos all have the same name, so you'll want to remember to rename them or else you may overwrite the one you already saved.

There are two more potential issues. First has to do with the watermarks on the videos. During the course of a video, the watermark will periodically change location. There are two problems I have with this: First, it pulls your awareness away from the action, and second sometimes the watermark will intrude by appearing across part of the model's body. And we received a complaint that one of readers signed up for a special promo offer and didn't receive full access.

The Casting Room is all about straight guys tricked, exposed, examined in detail, and finally stroking their cocks to a climax on camera. The action is hot, the humiliation during the in-detail exams is exquisite, and most of the men here have uncut cocks with plenty of foreskin. Many also sport unshaven body hair. Of the over 1,000 video updates, there are a few hardcore man-on-man episodes, but most of the action is solo. The site has been adding five to six videos per month for the past several months, and all the videos are good amateur quality, downloadable and DRM-free. I enjoyed watching the straight guys at The Casting Room cringe with embarrassment as they were poked, prodded, and closely examined as much as I enjoyed watching them get off.

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