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Straight Up Guys is one of those sites that falls under the "don't judge a book by its cover" category. When I got this review assignment I thought I'd find hundreds of pictures culled from all over the web, the same tired amateur pictures that are trotted out time and again. Boy, was I wrong! Once I got inside of Straight Up Guys I thought, "Why isn't everyone talking about this site?" If you like men in sports gear, you'll want to follow along with me.

Straight Up Guys gives us every kind of sportsman and athlete you can think of: men into wrestling, soccer, football, martial arts; there are golfers, cyclists, hockey players and I even saw guys in equestrian gear and a karate Gi. And it's all about the gear: wrestling singlets, football gear, soccer cleats and knee-high socks, jockstraps and protective gear, they're all here and more. The men appear to be in their twenties and thirties, and since they're athletes, they have the bodies to match. You'll find lean and ripped runners and swimmers, beefy footballers and rugby players with thick thighs and meaty butts. There are a lot of hot men here.

One thing worth mentioning is that each of the named athletes has a complete bio and stats section detailing his age, height, weight, hair color and measurements (waist, inseam, chest, neck) and his shoe size. As well, there's a bit of background about what sports he plays, if he's currently on any teams and what position he plays.

These sessions come in three different flavors. First are the athletes stripping out of their gear in a locker room; second is the hazing series where bound and gagged athletes struggle with their bindings; and third is the after-the-game series where the hunks start off naked and put on their street clothes. There's no sex here, and while there's full nudity, you'll only be seeing naked butts - there are no cock shots here except for what you can see through those wrestling singlets and other tight-fitting outfits.

Straight Up Guys updates weekly with a fresh session from each of the three flavors, and the videos run from a minute to no longer than 4 or maybe 5 minutes. There are approximately 1100 videos on the site; you can download these in WMV format and they play at 720x480. The videos are filmed in the same locker room and have good picture clarity and sound. You can stream the videos on the site and they play at 640x480 and you have to wait for the whole video to download into the buffer before you can jump ahead.

Each session has a picture gallery with between 25 to 60 digital stills and they display at 405x540. You can view them in galleries and get enlarged views, and you can right-click save them, but there are no slideshows or downloadable zips.

The site updates each of the three types of sessions every week with a gallery and short clip. Each guy's session lists the sports portrayed in the session like soccer, martial arts, football, or golf, but those sports aren't clickable. This would have made it a lot easier to find more guys in football gear or marital arts fighters, but cruising through the pages of all the guys is a lot of fun.

The only real drawback here is that the video clips are so short. But considering the guys aren't jacking off or having sex (that isn't the point of the site), how long does it take a guy to strip out of his sports gear? Sure, I'd love to see these men getting off, but this site is about athlete worship, and as such, does a good job of giving us a titillating look at men stripping out of their athletic gear.

Straight Up Guys celebrates the male athlete and sportsman, and gives us a chance to see these hunks in their gear and stripping all the way down to their jockstraps or beefy bare butts. Sure, I'd be over the moon if these men unloading on the locker room floor - or each other - but fans of athletic gear should be pretty happy here. Where else are you going to find men stripping out of equestrian outfits or a karate Gi? I was impressed that this dedicated site owner updates his site three times a week. Even if the video clips are short, he still has to find these guys and film them stripping out of their gear - quite an achievement. Amateur sports fans should be pretty happy with Straight Up Guys offering.

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