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Straight Fraternity has been around for quite a while and features almost 700 videos with college-aged guys, many of whom are doing their first porn videos and exploring sex with guys. While you'll find some guys with ripped and gym-fit bodies, many more have regular physiques. Marc is a sexy 20-year-old, straight BMX biker; he's slim and smooth, he doesn't have a lot of muscle definition, but he has a six pack along with low-hanging nuts, a ring in his nose, and spacers in his ears. Jason is a tall and lanky blond with an uncut cock; Victor is furry and athletic and wears some tattoos and he's swinging a big uncut dick; Blake has a lean, ripped, runner's body with thick thighs and Diesel and Christopher are both skinny and wear a number of tattoos. From time to time a black guy stops by (there are three in the newest 30 scenes), as well there are a few Latinos, but most of the guys are Caucasian.

For me, the biggest draw at Straight Fraternity is that the guys aren't gorgeous and perfectly-built porn hunks. They're just average guys you'd see walking down the street - smooth or hairy, inked or not, cut or uncut, skinny or muscled, with guys in their early to late twenties, maybe a few a little older. Whether you like rough straight guys or clean-cut college guys, you'll find a good mix here, as well as the odd porn stud like Donny Forza or Sebastian Young.

The guys usually start off with an audition where they talk with Franco (the producer); then they strip and jack their dicks. After that, pretty much anything can happen - it depends on the guy. One of my favorites is Blake (that guy with the runner's body). After his jack-off session, he filmed a JO race with Warren, then in another scene Blake and Warren make black guy Drew suck them off. In another, Warren and Bronson play "Bowl of Tricks" and take turns pulling slips from a bowl and following the instructions. Blake sucks Bronson's toes and later paddles his ass, Bronson teabags Blake and another time sucks his cock, then later his nipples. When Blake refuses to suck Bronson's nipples, Franco tells Bronson to jack off and aim for Blake's face. Fun!

There's lot of side by side jerking, blowjob action and cock measuring; the guys often strip each other, there's rimming, and fucking both with and without condoms. There's some kinky stuff like spanking and piss play. And Franco is always pushing the guys to go past their limits and try new things, even kissing, eating cum or getting facials. Franco also gets into the action and regularly gives handjobs, blowjobs or fucks ass (he bottoms, too), but he's not in every scene.

Straight Fraternity currently offers 685 videos divided into three main categories: Pledge, which includes 414 solo, duo and group action videos; Gloryhole has 150 guys getting blown by Franco and others at the site's glory hole (old scenes have girls luring guys and swapping with male cocksuckers behind a curtained gloryhole); and there are 121 Audition videos. They're all offered as full-scene downloads in both WMV and MP4 format. The newest releases play at 960x540, while the older ones play at 640x480 (QuickTime) and 480x360 (WMV).

Each episode has a page with a write-up about the guys and what happens. There's a picture gallery with about 28 screencaps and you can view these in galleries, but there are no slideshows or downloadable zips. Older pictures display at 600x440 and newer galleries at 960x540. The downloadable videos are here, as well, and you'll also find the episode available in clips for streaming with the newest offered in streaming MP4, WMV and Flash. But in July 2015, both Chrome and Firefox stopped supporting Flash, so you may run into an issue streaming. You can still stream the videos in the Internet Explorer, and while viewing them, I had to enter my username and password for each scene. The good news is that the downloadable videos aren't affected and play fine.

The episodes aren't dated, but Straight Fraternity says it adds a new video every Saturday, and they seem to do so, as I get notifications by email. As well, the site adds bonus content on Wednesday and these updates include the gloryhole sessions and auditions, as well as the occasional behind-the-scene video, interview, or a series called "Bros & Hos" where guys get it on with girls.

There are a few drawbacks to talk about. I'm not sure why Straight Fraternity breaks the streaming videos into four parts; there's no need in this day and age, and now there's the complication that two of the three main browsers won't play Flash video anymore. There's a third-party "free" chat site that requires you to pay to have very much fun with the guys there. And finally, I wish the site would provide a way to find more of our favorite guys - it took me a while to hunt down Blake's stuff, and I know I didn't get it all.

I enjoyed Straight Fraternity and all those hot straight guys. The clunky navigation and set-up could use some modernization, but the site definitely delivers on its promises. And while we can't always guarantee these guys are 100% straight, they mostly seem to be. I loved the "Bowl of Tricks" scenes, which are a fun way to get nervous straight guys playing around. With 685 videos there's plenty to watch and the producer engages the guys and gets them doing all kinds of things. Straight Fraternity is a horny good time with lots of fun thrown in - it's worth checking out.

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