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If you're into straight guys, you may be familiar with Vinnie Russo. For years now he's made a career of seducing actual straight guys for Sneek Peek Videos or convincing them to go gay for pay, and all his videos are available in a site called Str8 Boyz Seduced. Vinnie is really has a talent for pushing straight guys right up to their limits or even beyond. He's given many an amateur his first handjob or blowjob or has helped make it happen, and he's gotten even more guys to shoot their loads in front of another guy for their first times.

Most of the guys in these videos definitely do come off as both amateur and straight (because they are), and that's what makes the content hot for those of us who are tired of gay porn actors pretending to be straight. Some of Vinnie's guys need to be worked up to letting another guy get sexual with them, while others are willing once they've gotten their cocks hard for the camera - after all, when you're horny enough, having anyone suck your meat is better than getting yourself off. The scenes here are obviously amateur shoots with minimal editing - you won't mistake these for studio productions, and that's a good thing for those of us into REAL amateur action.

Str8 Boyz Seduced currently offers 616 videos, and despite the update dates showing a new video is added every day, this is a few less videos than there were almost 2 years ago. It seems that the site is recycling older content in order to add the existing videos as updates - there's no fresh vids being added, but on the other hand, there are over 600 videos, which is enough to keep most of us busy for a month or 2.

Something that has changed is the videos. They're no longer offered in WMV format - all vids are now MP4 files, and like before, they're DRM-free. The larger videos are sized at 640x480 and there are smaller ones sized at 480x360, but either size should play on most mobiles that play MP4s. These are downloadable full scenes, but for those who prefer not to download, Each scene can also be streamed. Video quality is amateur quality and often not perfectly lit, which isn't really a surprise since these are amateur videos shot by a man who's into the guys but isn't a professional videographer.

Str8 Boyz Seduced members also get access to 24 bonus sites from the same network, up from 10 less than 2 years ago. You'll find more first-time amateurs, black studs, Asian guys, Latinos, as well as some kink (Asian piss and a tickling site) and Workin Men XXX, which is a site featuring real amateur daddies and rednecks. And if you want more, there are 59 video feeds in just about every niche of gay porn.

Now let's talk about some issues. As already mentioned, despite the daily video dates, the site hasn't grown any larger in almost 2 years. There are no prices on the join page, but don't worry - when you get to the sign-up page, the prices are displayed. It's also worth mentioning that the non-recurring monthly price is a full $20 more than the cost of the recurring monthly membership - ouch! And while video quality isn't great, that's due to the real amateur nature of these productions, so I didn't find this a problem. Also while the network is searchable, there's no way to search only the Str8 Boyz Seduced videos nor is there a model index or much info about the guys.

Str8 Boyz Seduced delivers the real thing - amateur straight guys going gay for pay. The videos are downloadable and DRM-free, and you can also stream them or watch on your mobile. While the daily updates are iffy, since the site is about the same size as last visit, there aren't a lot of issues in this site - no misleading links or download limits, although the vids are amateur quality. I liked what Str8 Boyz Seduced offers up- over 600 Vinnie Russo videos for those of us into straight guys beating their meat on camera, then getting jerked and sucked by another guy for the first time. You won't find any porn stars or models here - just real guys getting off.

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