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Reviewed by on 11 Jun 2012

70 score out of 100
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Stocky Dudes focuses on big, heavier men - chubs, bears and guys with a few extra pounds on them. The guys appear to be real amateurs who seem to be having a great time sucking and fucking or jerking off and doing a little ass play. There are a few smooth bodies here, but there's also plenty of fuzzy or hairy men including some with trim bears or goatees. All the guys here seem to be having a great time having sex on camera, which makes the action here hot.

The more recent videos are all hardcore, and the men in them have great chemistry - they seem like good friends or fuck buddies as they suck each others' nipples, feast on each others' cocks, do some serious fucking and shoot their loads. Sometimes there's enthusiastic kissing, too. A number of the older sessions are solo and include interviews, cock stroking and dildos or guys fingering their own asses.

The site currently offers 50 videos in Quicktime, WMV plus M4V for mobiles that are all DRM-free, downloadable full scenes plus streaming Flash is offered. The Quicktime videos and many of the WMVs are shown at 960x540 at good amateur quality, and are available in 2 smaller sizes. The M4Vs look good on iPod and iPhone, and both the iPod and WMV vids play on Android devices if downloaded first. And for those who prefer not to download, the streaming Flash vids get you right to the action.

Each Stocky Dudes video comes with a set of pics. These are good amateur quality digital stills, and they aren't too big, offered at 330x450. There are 12 photos per set, and they can be viewed as galleries or downloaded in zip files. The zip files sometimes may contain a couple additional things - a page header made from the set or a "poster or two, which are a bit bigger than the actual photos.

While there are no dates on the updates, the owner says he tries to update twice a month, although sometimes he might miss an update here or there.

One thing I'd really like to see here is a model index. Since the site is owned by one guy, who also shoots the videos, there's no reason not to have a page with model profiles and a bit about each guy, as well as links to his pics and videos.

If you prefer your men with a little meat on them, Stocky Dudes delivers. All the men here are chubby or big, many are hairy, and all of them seem to be horny. Site navigation is simple and easy to use, and while the site could use some growth, it's grown from 27 to 50 episodes. I really liked the video formats and sizes as there's something for nearly everyone including mobile users. The largest videos are HD, the quality is pretty good, and I like the pic sets, too. The only thing missing was dates to show when and how often the site is updated. The bottom line - if you like stocky men, bears and chubs, Stocky Dudes is definitely a site you should be sure and check out!

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