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Spunk Worthy was born about four years ago because site owner Jason was tired of the same corporate porn he was finding on the Web. He was a photographer who shot for a lot of popular gay porn sites, but was weary of filming stuff that bored him. And Jason had to turn away a lot of hot guys because they didn't fit the one-size-fits-all mold his clients thought surfers wanted. He started Spunk Worthy and the site has been steadily growing ever since. It's been a year since we took a look at this site, so it's time to head back and see what's going on.

There are 152 guys on the site who are mostly amateurs making their first appearance on film. There have been a couple of well-known guys appear on the site, and a few of the guys come back for repeat performances, but the majority are the never-before-seen variety. The models are mostly in their twenties, largely straight, and they're sporting athletic to muscular bodies; a few are slender and some are husky. These are regular guys that you'll find in any city, but because Spunk Worthy films in Southern California, there are heaps of military guys, surfers, and frat boys. There's a good mix of hairy and smooth guys and quite of few of them are tattooed. A lot of these guys might not make the cut on other sites because they don't fit into that clean-cut, all-American look that many sites think we want, which is too bad because of the latest guys on the site, there isn't one that I wouldn't get on my knees for - these guys are definitely spunk worthy.

Spunk Worthy started off as a jack-off site, but from time to time they'd sneak in a hand job or a couple of guys jacking side by side. Over time we also saw guys playing with Fleshlights. In the past year or more, Spunk Worthy has been filming a lot more of the guys getting handjobs and oral servicing. In fact, recently there have been far fewer solos - more of the guys are getting serviced in some way, and the site has started getting some of the guys to fuck on camera. The site owner loves ass, so regardless of what the guys are doing, most of them spend some times on their knees showing off their virgin butt holes. And when it comes to servicing, many of them get rimjobs, too, and a few even play with butt plugs or small dildos. Spunk Worthy is particularly good at capturing cum shots, so you won't miss a drop.

There are 284 episodes in the member's area, and Spunk Worthy updates every week (the updates are dated). The videos are offered in small and large versions of WMV and QuickTime and there are "Apple" versions, too, which are also QuickTimes and should play on most mobiles including iPhone and iPad. The latest videos are good sized at 1024x576 (these have been filmed in HD since the summer of 2012) and the older videos range from 480x360 to 640x480. Quality ranges from good amateur to good, and there's no DRM on the site, so regardless of the format you download, the videos are yours to keep. If you prefer watching videos online, you can stream them in Flash in the same sizes as their downloadable counterparts.

There are 192 galleries of digital stills, and these range from 400x598 to 900x1359. Also each episode has a gallery of screen captures. The older screencaps tend to be dark and average quality, but Spunk Worthy's newer screencaps are much better quality, almost as good as the digital stills. There are online galleries, slideshows, and each set can be downloaded in a zip file.

Spunk Worthy also offers 78 bonus videos, 14 more than on our last visit. These are mostly auditions and behind-the-scenes stuff like interviews, showering, and cock measuring. There is some video footage of the photo sessions, complete with the direction, and there are outtakes and lost footage. I love the outtakes. My favorites were a guy with slippery hands who can't keep hold of the lube to a first-timer calling his buddies so they can help him come up with a porn stage name.

There wasn't really anything I didn't like about Spunk Worthy. The site does a good job of keeping members updated four or more times a month, navigation is clean and easy to use, and they have a nice variety of videos. I guess the only negative is that the older videos aren't offered in the same size and quality of the newest releases, but they were still good enough to enjoy.

I really like Spunk Worthy. The site is growing nicely and offers a healthy library of 284 videos. And there's a hot collection of guys giving you lots of variety. Of the past 12 updates on the site, five of the guys were moderately to very hairy, the rest were fairly smooth; seven of the guys were heavily inked (a couple of these guys were repeats), the rest were tattoo free. Most of the guys had nicely defined athletic bodies, but a couple were slender and one was pretty beefy and muscular. And if you're looking for more than guys jacking off, things have changed a lot in this regard; most of the guys are now serviced in some way, and the first fuck scenes have made their appearance. Spunk Worthy is a great site and you'll definitely want to check out their hot amateurs.

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