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When I think of Southern Strokes, I think of a stud farm. I guess that largely because the site's producer is located in the rural Southern United States and horny studs from all over the South come there to sow their seed and explore guy-on-guy sex. The guys range from 18 to late-twenties and they have great physiques with muscle definition, but they're not overdone muscle heads. They're also at the prime of their sexuality, oozing with horniness, testosterone, and willing to explore. When we reviewed the site back in 2009 there were only 62 videos, now there are 316; so it's time to take another look at Southern Strokes. Why don't you join me?

Southern Strokes has come a long way since they opened in 2008. Back then, they featured mostly jerk-off videos with the odd guy-on-guy sex scene thrown in. (The first 12 videos on the site were solo guys jerking off, the thirteenth finally saw some guy-on-guy action.) But these days, they've done a full reversal: of the latest 10 videos on their homepage, four of them feature guys jacking off, five movies are hardcore sucking and fucking, the last is a year-end review of the sites hottest cum shots of the past year. The site has 316 videos - that's 254 more videos since our last review, and they continue to add two videos each week.

All the videos are available in both WMV and Quicktime that you can download or stream on the site. The streaming movie is a good size (640x360) and played smoothly with no buffering issues that I see on a lot of sites. There are four different options for the downloadable WMVs, including one called "Super Res" which is 1280x720. The "Super Res" version isn’t available on all videos (100 of the older videos don’t have them) but their 960x540 and 640x360 options are still quite good.

There are also three versions of QuickTime videos to download. Each episode also comes with a collection of digital still pictures that you can view in thumbnailed galleries, slideshows, or you can download a zip file. The pictures are large displaying at 960 pixels on the long side and each gallery has between 30 and 60 photos.

Each video opens with a short interview that lets us meet the guys and hear a little about how they came to be filming at Southern Strokes. One of my favourite guys is Connor, a stocky, blond 21-year-old who just had his first sexual experience with a guy six months ago. He's going to school and plans to become a doctor. He was at a party, got a little drunk, and ended up relaxing on a bed with another guy. He says they kind of just looked at each other and it happened. They started kissing, then they swapped blowjobs, and shot their loads. And Connor says it's definitely something he'd like to do again, so I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him in action in future episodes of Southern Strokes.

And that's how it generally goes on this amateur guy site. These jocks and studs arrive at the site and usually start off with a jerk-off video; then if they're into it, they explore guy-on-guy sex. The guys are often a little shy and tentative at first, but as the filming goes on they can be quite expressive, adventurous, and even downright wild.

When we last reviewed Southern Strokes they were having issues with their update schedule, but it looks like they've gotten things together. They update twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and they alternate between a solo jerk-off video and a hardcore suck and fuck movie.

The other thing I liked about Southern Strokes is that they include longish description about each the guys. I really enjoy getting to know the guys I'm watching. And each guy has a profile page that gives more detailed stats like age, height, weight, cock size, and sexuality. Also, all of his appearances on the site are linked so you can watch more of him.

Southern Strokes delivers hot and horny amateur guys, most of whom you won't have seen anywhere else, and I like that a lot. There's nothing worse that having some site blazing "Watch John getting fucked for the first time" only to head off to some other site and find John getting banged by another dude. Southern Strokes doesn't seem to suffer from this problem. Most of these Southern studs are the real deal - amateur guys who haven't done gay porn before and many truly are having their first jerkoff or gay sex on camera. Most of the guys are pretty hot and good looking, Some are average "regular guys, some are hot jocks, and with over 300 videos on hand, you won't have trouble finding heaps of guys to turn you on. I highly recommend Southern Strokes.

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