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Reviewed by on 11 Oct 2011

62 score out of 100
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Shotgun Video is a site made by and for real BDSM players. That means that the movies show men who really are into physical pain, leather and S&M. The tour shows a variety of bondage and fetish action including rope and leather straps, cock and ball torture, electro-stimulation, full suspension. And did I mention that some of these guys can take a serious amount of pain? The site features Roger, a sadistic dominant top who's an older man with great presence and obviously lots of experience. What I really like about the tour is you can preview every video, each with a good selection of screencaps, a description and a trailer offered at the same sizes and qualities as are found in the member area.

The Shotgun Video member area is almost identical to the tour. The top of the page includes rotating images that link to videos, each previewing a DVD. Next is a search box on the right and just below that is a link to the video store, for those who want to buy DVDs. Underneath are the most recent videos, tabs leading to other parts of the site, and links to more video pages. The site shows the date of the most recent update, but there are no other dates. There are now 328 videos, 69 more than there were 16 months ago, which averages one update per week.

The videos here are offered in streaming Flash, and are shown in your choice of 4 sizes and bitrates, the largest of which are shown at around 600x454 (some are slightly larger) at good amateur quality. When you click a video, the site will auto-detect the speed that seems best for your connection, but it's very easy to change to a different speed and size. A couple things I found disappointing are that most of the video updates are only part of a full scene, and also the vids are not offered for download.

The men here are all over 30, and I'd guess over 40, and most are muscular and masculine. Roger, the Master who runs this site, is over 50. He's confident, skilled and he owns a huge array of BDSM gear from ropes, clips and clamps to harnesses, hoods, floggers and electrical gear. And that's just for starters. He really knows how to treat the men who are in his complete control, and anything can happen in a session. Expect all sorts of bondage, stomping, ball busting, cock and ball bondage, ball weights, suspension - the list goes on and on, and it's obvious just how experienced Roger is. And that makes for excellent action!

Now let's talk extras. Shotgun Video members get access to 39 assorted gay and straight video feeds. The first one listed at the top of the page offers members access to a good sized collection of streaming videos in many gay categories including BDSM. This didn't work for me in Internet Explorer, but worked fine in Firefox. There are 38 more feeds in niche ranging from dungeon action, bears and wrestling to black cock and handjobs.

When it comes to issues, it would be nice if more than the most recent of the updates were dated. Also I ran into a couple of odd navigation issues here, neither of which are a problem once you know about them. First, the page numbers at the bottom go to 66 pages of 4 videos each, but if you hit the next link after you get to the last listed page, there are actually some more pages of videos. Also the Photo Index tab leads to the videos listed differently - the site doesn't appear to have photos.

Shotgun Video delivers authentic gay BDSM, due in great deal to Roger himself. He's very involved with the men who submit to him, and his experience is evident as he crushes or strikes their balls, puts them in all sorts of bondage and guides them as he causes them very real pain. The videos are good sized but not offered for download, and the site does seem to update weekly, although each update is only part of a full scene. The bonus feeds offer a little more BDSM and a lot of gay and straight sex. The bottom line - if you're looking for real gay BDSM, mature men and an experience dom, Shotgun Video is definitely worth checking out.

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