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Sensual Massage Movies isn't a new site, but we just discovered it a few weeks ago. It's filmed in the UK and offers men getting sensual and erotic massages. You know how most massage movies have two minutes of body rubbing then the guy on the table is getting face fucked? Not on this site. The action here is squarely focused on massage - all kinds of it. Most sessions feature one masseur and the man he's massaging, but there are a good number where two masseurs are working a man's body. The masseurs aren't always completely nude, but often are, and the men on the table are fully naked with genitals showing. Sometimes the masseurs have their head in the frame, sometimes not, and sometimes they tilt their heads away from the camera so we don't ever see their entire faces.

The men on the site come in a variety of ages and sizes. They're mostly British, so there's plenty of uncut cock here. There are hairy men and smooth men, most are sporting fit bodies, some are a little muscular and others carry some extra pounds or are a little soft around the middle. And it seems like most of the men are in the mid-twenties to forties.

One movie I watched featured a man getting a full-body massage from another man, and after getting every inch of his body worked, the man jacked himself off while the masseur played with his nipples. A second video had two hairy men in what was more of a frottage than massage session. Fully naked they rubbed their bodies together, fondled their cocks, and there was some kissing, although there was no oral or anal sex, which you won't find anywhere on the site. Another movie had a man and a woman giving a man an erotic massage; they were both bare chested while the man was naked. And I should mention that while there are women in some videos, they are a rarity - the majority of the scenes are man-on-man massage.

There are also a series of tutorial videos that are divided into 36 clips in all. One four-part series shows you how to give a two-hand sensual massage and another eight-part series offers four-handed variation. There's a five-part series to help me work through premature ejaculation issues. There are a couple of other tutorials showing various kinds of massage including a series for women. And there are 23 videos submitted by members of the site.

Sensual Massage Movies offers 293 videos, but they aren't all full scenes. Many are full scenes, some are two-part videos, and when bandwidth was an issue, many of the older videos were broken into four parts. The newest 62 movies are offered in streaming MP4 and display at 960x540. The picture quality is clear and there's sound; they often include soft music playing in the background. The older 172 videos are offered in streaming Flash and over the years they were encoded in various sizes starting at 320x180, then 540x340, and finally, 800x450. You may have trouble viewing these on your iPad or iPhone unless a Flash-playing browser has been installed. Again, the picture quality is good amateur, but when enlarged to full screen these older videos suffer from quality loss.

There are no pictures galleries and Sensual Massage Movies updates twice a month. Sometimes an update is a full scene, but sometimes it's a longer scene broken into two updates, but when this happens, you get both parts during the same week so you're not left hanging.

I didn't have any issues with the site except for the lack of a download version of the videos; not everyone wants to install a plugin to do something that is standard everywhere else. My other quibble is the "Homepage" button takes you to the tour homepage, so outside the members area. One more thing worth mentioning is that while the prices are given in British pounds and approximate U.S. dollars on the join page, the sign-up page on the credit card processor's page only gives them in pounds.

If you get off watching erotic massage, Sensual Massage Movies is a goldmine. As I said at the beginning of the review, the massage isn't just a way into the sex - it's the main event. I don't know of many sites that deal with massage as their central theme, so with twice monthly updates. Massage fans will be pretty happy. And if you live in the UK, Sensual Massage Movies is always looking for men to lie on their table, or even give the massage, so you can earn yourself a free membership and some cash, not to mention getting a sexy rub down.

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