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See My BF offers real amateur pics of boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, buddies and guys catching themselves on camera. The content here is all user-submitted, and there's all sorts of guys, but most look to be about 19 to late twenties, and you'll find scruffy and clean cut men, muscled, slender or just a little chubby, cut and uncut cocks, hairy and smooth, straight and gay. The action varies from bulges in clothes and college-aged dudes showing off their butts to full-on sucking, fucking and plenty of jerk off pics and videos.

The site has a lot of self-pics and self-shot videos of amateurs with hard cocks in front of the mirror, guys catching their cumshots on cam, and dudes fingering their assholes. As mentioned, there's gay hardcore action including gloryhole plus plenty of masturbation in intimate surroundings, so you can see the way the models here jerk off when no one's around. And there's also dressed pics - pics of guys in boxers or white briefs, in bathing trunks, in tight jeans. gym clothes, and even a few men in suits. And of course, the locations vary, too - the locker room, alone in the bedroom, the beach, motel rooms, the pool, the bathroom or out and about on the street.

See My BF has grown quite a bit since our last review; the site currently offers 428 video clips and 904 picture sets. There are updates almost every day, and most days there are several clips or pics added. The site recently underwent some changes, and one of the biggest is that the videos are now offered in MP4 format and are shown at 640x480, which is twice their old size. Quality is amateur, which makes sense since the videos here are all homemade or self-vids. They are downloadable, DRM-free, and there's plenty of action - blowjobs, masturbation and cumshots, assplay and some fucking. Many of the videos are between 1 and 5 minutes long, but some run as long as 14 minutes. While I would have preferred higher visual quality on some of the videos, the action and the guys definitely hits the spot.

When it comes to pics, another change is that the sizes have been standardized so that whether tall or wide, the width of each pic is 750 pixels. The taller pics are sized at around 750x1000 and the wider at about 750x562. Since they're shot by so many different cameras and cell phones, quality ranges from amateur to good and just about everything in between; some pics are sharp and well-lit, others are a little blurry or darkish. The pics can be downloaded in zip files, and there are usually 3 to 11 pics per set, although sometimes there are more pics and in a few cases, 1 or 2 per set.

There are a couple things worth mentioning here. One is that all the downloadable zip files have the same names, so if you don't want to overwrite them, you'll have to rename each one. The other is that in order to download videos or downloadable pic zip sets, just look for the small green box with the white arrow pointing down. Click it or right click it and you'll be downloading in seconds.

Something that has been added in the updated member area is a category search. I found this very helpful, and chances are you will, too. There was 1 category I didn't get, though. While most were pretty intuitive - Twinks, Bears, Outdoor, Muscle Dudes, etc. - one was called Non-Porn, yet most of the guys were naked and showing their cocks. There's also a search box, although results were so-so; I searched "uncut" and got 3 results.

Did the site have any issues? Well, there's a pre-checked email offer on the join page and a pre-checked offer to join another site on the billing page. Trial members don't get full access to the content, but they do get access to the 25 most recent updates. Something I didn't care for was the way the ads in the member area are presented. They often are under the text "Members Who Liked This Also Liked", making it seem to the uninitiated that the links lead to site content similar to what they're looking at.

One other issue I ran into is that on the tour all the fake sample videos indicate that the full versions have playing times of 10 minutes and 35 seconds, but the samples are fakes - there are actually no samples and many member area videos are under 5 minutes, and a number are under 2 minutes.

See My BF definitely delivers all sorts of real amateur guys in underwear shots, sucking cock, jerking off, fucking, in their bathing suits, shooting self pics and shooting their loads. And that's just for starters. There's plenty of variety here in the 428 videos and 904 photo sets, and the site adds new content almost every day. While there are a fair amount of ads, navigation is actually quite simple. If you're looking for homemade content featuring pics and vids of horny boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, college guys, straight guys with no porn stars or models mixed in, See My BF is definitely worth a visit.

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