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SW Nude features Euro performers in wrestling action. The guys are Eastern Europeans, mostly Czechs and Hungarian jocks, although the scene descriptions don't mention the wrestlers' nationalities. The fighters are mostly in their twenties sporting athletic to muscular bodies, and some of them are very well built. Most are smooth, but there's the odd hairy stud in the ranks, as well. And they are almost exclusively packing uncut cocks. I found some of the guys were average, and most and good looking, but then I have a fetish for Eastern Europeans, so I'm not really impartial. However, I think most surfers will find the majority of these wrestlers appealing.

I'm not a wrestling fan in the sense that I can tell you the names of the various holds, but I do like watching wrestlers and fighters on the mats; it's a huge turn-on and gives me views of a man's naked body that I may not see in a traditional porn video. Each episode lasts between 20 to 30 minutes, although a few were as short as 15 minutes. And I can say with my limited knowledge of wrestling that these are the real deal, which is great news for fighting fans. The guys start off their fighting bouts in underwear, jockstraps, or singlets, and after a couple of rounds they're completely naked with uncut cocks or erections flopping about. Some of the matches also have the guys oiling up each others' bodies for some slippery wrestling.

By the end of the matches these men are pretty exhausted. I liked these final rounds the best because muscles are pumped up, chests are heaving for oxygen, muscled bodies are glistening with perspiration, and pubic and ass hair are curling with sweat. When the match is over the guys jerk off in side-by-side sessions, but sometimes one guy will spunk all over his opponent or the guys will give each other handjobs. I didn't watch all the episodes, but in the handful I saw had no sucking or fucking - this is not a "loser gets fucked" kind of wrestling site. And once these wrestlers shoot their loads they head off to the showers to clean up, usually soaping each other and washing their opponent's backs and chests.

SW Nude shows over 250 movie updates in the video section, but there are really 125 different episodes. Each pair of wrestlers has two videos: the wrestling match and a bonus reel featuring the masturbation, cumshots and showering, and a couple having a third reel. You can download most the videos in two sizes and formats: the MP4s are sized at 960x544 and the WMVs are sized at either 1280x70 or 720x480, depending on the age of the video. The newest videos are only offered in MP4 format, some offered in full HD and others in a good size for newer mobiles. The vids are good amateur quality with clear pictures, fairly good lighting, and decent sound so you can hear these wrestlers grunting during the match. Most of the wrestling bouts last around 20-30 minutes (15 rounds) so fighting fans really get a good dose of these studs rolling around the mats naked, holding and pinning each other, and some of those moves and holds are pretty fucking hot to see.

Each episode also comes with a huge picture gallery; some of them have upwards of 700 pictures. The galleries are split into two sections: the main picture galleries include digital photos from the wrestling match, the "extras" galleries contain all the photos from the match plus the pictures shot during the jerking off and showering. I'm not sure why they divided them like this, but perhaps some wrestling fans don't like seeing any kind of sex. You can view the photos online in galleries or in a hands-free slide show and if you prefer you can download a zip file.

There were a couple of things I didn't like about SW Nude. First, there's a pre-checked email offer on the join page. Next, the search box doesn't seem to give results. During the jerk-off sessions I didn't find the models were very engaged. They were usually watching a porn video playing off camera. But I think wrestling fans aren't going to be bothered by this; the fighting portion of the episode is really what most surfers are here for, the masturbation is just a bonus. I found the picture galleries too big, 500 to 700 pictures is a lot to sort through and many feature the same poses. Some surfers may like having that many as they show the guys in every conceivable position through the match.

SW Nude offers real wrestling sessions with hot European jocks and hunks with well-defined to muscular bodies, and these fighting matches are mostly on the long side so wrestling fans will feel pretty satisfied - and the jackoff sessions at the end of each match should grab the porn lovers. The site has grown since launch, there's a good offering of 125 episodes, each offered in 2 parts, and the site updates weekly, often with a new round of wrestlers but sometimes with the second part of a video. I really like what SW Nude has to offer, and if you're a fan of real wrestling including nudity and ending in uncut Euro jocks jerking off, I'm pretty confident you won't be disappointed.

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