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Red Hot Straight Boys offers you the chance to get to know a variety of straight guys from the USA who have agreed to strip and jerk for the cameras. All amateurs, these guys are a good mix. You'll find some athletic, toned guys, ebony and white men, handsome jocks who played football in high school and kept their physiques, some military types, skater boys, and a few shy young men who soon come to grips with the whole thing. One guy here is a massive 6'7" tall and well hung while others are shorter; there is a chubby guy, and there are many aged 18 to 23, most of whom have never had another guy touch them before. Porn virgins and gay virgins alike, it's a hot line-up.

Often with sites that claim to have "genuine straight guys" as models you're never 100% certain that they really are all that straight. How do you tell without actually meeting them? Well, the good thing is that here you can decide for yourselves if these guys are straight or not as the site carries interviews. It's mainly about the hot models stripping down, getting hard and jerking off, but there is also some "helping hand" action as the straight guys let gay guys touch them and jerk them for the first time ever. Some guys use sex toys to jack off, others allow someone to play with their ass and insert a toy. There are some massage videos, too, and all the way through you have Tom, our host, slowly persuading and seducing straight guys into losing their straightness, giving in to their curiosity and going gay. It's not a new theme, but it works well here, and some of these horny amateurs come back for more.

Red Hot Straight Boys offers 30 exclusive videos. Each video offers either an interview or an activity like a massage (not necessarily with a cumshot), a jerkoff session, a handjob, a blowjob or something else. The model index shows upload dates; the earliest I found was July 2014, and in the last few months I found there were 2 to 3 updates per month. Movies are listed on index pages with good descriptions to introduce them. These are worth reading as they give you some history to the shoots and some background to the models. Some of these guys come once to jerk off, reluctantly, and then get a taste for performing (or the money) and come back. In their next shoots they go a bit further and perhaps let someone touch their cock. And in the next, well, that's where things start to get even more erotic.

The movies here are available in WMV and MP4 downloads at 1280x720 plus a smaller MP4 sized at 640x360 that can be used for most mobiles. The videos are also available in a Flash player stream in two resolutions listed as HD and SD. Movies run for various lengths of time so file sizes vary. Some interviews are 15 minutes, some are 45, a blowjob movie might be 30 minutes in length and a jerk off shoot only 10. All movies are a good amateur quality, the sound is fine and natural with music playing over some sections; there are various camera angles, good editing, and no DRM restrictions. Videos are also available as downloadable MP4 clips which can also be streamed.

Something that stands out about the videos here is that many are shot with more than one camera and then multiple camera angles are assembled in spit-screen videos. These allow you to see the model's face during sex toy penetration or even some where you'll see the guy's body as he has a toy slid up his ass for the first time, then a closeup of the penetration and a small insert of the straight guy's face.

There were no image galleries here, though each model has a mid-size body and face shot in the model index. There are the links to his videos with small thumbnails. The model index gives you some detailed background - the guys' ages and height, dick sizes, and a bit of background on their sexual experience, usually all with girls and none with guys. The links then lead straight to the video page.

While there are no real issues with the site as such, the price of $29.95 per month is a bit on the steep side for a site with 30 videos, some of which are interviews, and there are no extras. It would be nice if each video was listed with the date it was added to the site, and some pictures for each guy would be nice, as would interactive options such as comments and ratings so we can feel a bit more involved. I was also puzzled by the order the guys were listed on the model index, but there aren't enough models to make this an issue.

I came away from Red Hot Straight Boys feeling that I'd had a good time, definitely checked out some genuine straight guys form the USA, seen some hot amateur cock and some nice first time gay experiences, and I found the video quality decent and the site very easy to manage. It's still a small site, and it's growing but not that quickly or regularly, particularly as some updates are only interviews, albeit long ones. But all the same, it's good to see enthusiastic amateurs making horny movies, and for some good, honest, straight boy jerk-offs and helping hand videos, Red Hot Straight Boys is doing a good job delivering them.

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