Randy Blue

Reviewed by on 28 Jan 2013

85 score out of 100
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Randy Blue is an award-winning gay porn site that has been bringing us hot jocks since 2003 and they've garnered the reputation of having some of the sexiest guys around. It's only been 9 months since our last review, but Randy Blue recently did a major overhaul, so there are some new things to talk about.

There are 575 models on Randy Blue and many do multiple appearances. Most are jocks with athletic to very well-built bodies; good-looing guys in their twenties, clean shaven or smooth bodied, but Randy Blue doesn't shy away from hairy or bearded guys either. Jock porn sites aren't well known for their diversity, but Randy Blue shines above the rest with 11 Asian guys, 49 black studs, and 98 Latinos. Randy Blue is constantly introducing us to hot new models, but they also have a stable of regular, exclusive guys like Reese Rideout, Chris Rockway, and real-life boyfriends Nicco Sky and Sean Zevran.

When it comes to sex, Randy Blue keeps things pretty simple rather than bogging us down with complicated set-ups - a couple of guys working out in the gym cruise each other, drop their weights and fuck. The solo scenes open with a 30-second introduction segment where the models give their name and stats and discuss the kinds of guys and action they like before jacking their dicks and sometimes playing with toys. Likewise, the duo action scenes open with the guys introducing themselves and often get right into the action, but sometimes they have a bit of fun first. Cole Markum and Travis James were trying to work out who was fucking whom; apparently Randy Blue told each they were topping, so neither wanted to bottom. They turned their attention to Jayden Tyler, the cameraman who had filmed a double penetration scene the week earlier, and pulled him in to be their bottom.

Most of the action is duo, although there are a good number of threesomes, and the guys get into lots of kissing, licking, and touching, which really helps set the mood before they start sucking, rimming, fucking, and cumming. The guys fuck in living rooms and bedrooms, but there's a lot of gym action and some outdoor sex scenes.

Randy Blue updates 10 to 12 times a month. In December 2012 there were 3 solos and 7 duos; and in November 4 solos, 6 duos, and 2 threesomes. Hands down, Randy Blue has the best offering of video formats and sizes of any gay porn site. The biggest change, however, is that Randy Blue no long utilizes DRM protection, so all the videos are yours to keep, and that includes MAC users.

The newest downloadable videos come in four sizes of MP4 from 1280x720 to 700x394; but the biggest version is massive and took 20 minutes to download. The second largest size (960x540) was really good enough and downloaded in a couple of minutes. There are four sizes of WMV displaying at 960x540 down to 160x90. New to the site are mobile and cell phone versions (three of each). Older videos come in the same sizes, but generally only have two MP4s and three WMVs (the smallest of each), but also have tablet and mobile versions. The production values are consistent, the videos are good quality, as is the lighting and sound.

Randy Blue's videos used to require a special downloader and player, but this no longer seems to be the case. I had no trouble downloading (as many as four at a time) or playing them in my usual set-up. This, along with killing DRM protection, makes the videos a lot easier to enjoy.

There are 1,674 photo galleries. The pictures are good quality digital stills that display at 768x1024. Newer galleries have 30 to 60 photos while older ones have 80 to 100. You can view them in thumbnail galleries or use the slide-show feature. You can save the pictures individually, but there's no downloadable zip file.

One of the newest features of Randy Blue is a free membership that gives you access to all of their photo galleries and loads your account with 80 chat credits. That sounds impressive, but a one-minute chat with a model costs 80 to 90 credits or spying on a private session is 25 credits a minute. You get 280 credits with a paid monthly membership, but you could burn through that in 10 minutes or less.

To be honest, I don't like the new Randy Blue. Don't get me wrong, the guys and sex are hot, some of the best you'll find anywhere, but Randy Blue now does such a big push to get you to spend more money in their live chat section. The whole top half of the homepage promotes their live chat section and you have to scroll down to the lower half of the page to see the site's latest videos. And there are two more homepage sections promoting live chat and you're bombarded throughout the site with live-chat ads. While there's heaps of video to download, watch, and enjoy with your monthly membership, I found the constant upselling annoying.

I visited the site between 3 and 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning and they had one model logged in. And this guy was so consistently busy in private sessions that I could never talk to him; other members were piling into the chat room and leaving right away because he wasn't available.

Randy Blue seems to have lost its blog and they used to have over 1,000 screen-capture picture galleries that have also disappeared. There is a live show called "In Studio" that was appearing regularly, but they haven't posted a new one since July 2012. Randy Blue seems to have cut a lot of these extras to divert all of your attention towards paying to chat with the models.

The other thing I didn't like about the site is that there are a lot of sliders and animation now. There's the live chat / new update slider at the top, once you've scrolled halfway down the page another slider pops up along the bottom of your screen, the featured model section is also animated with rotating images. It's like being in a Las Vegas casino and after a while you need to leave and find somewhere quiet to sit to clear your head.

Randy Blue gets top marks for having some of the hottest jocks and studs around, heaps of video, frequent updates, and lots of video options. They get extra marks for finally dumping DRM and allowing members to enjoy the videos fully. And the new free membership gives you a great opportunity to preview the models and the site. I'm really torn here because Randy Blue has so many sexy guys and I want to see more, but all the upselling really kills my boner. You'll have to take a look at the free tour and judge for yourself.

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