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Papi Thugz offers up hot Latinos and big-dicked black men who hail from Central and South America, and there are some African Americans, as well. Some of the guys are handsome and some average, but they are definitely horny, well-built and many are rough looking. They're the types that fuck you silly, and that's what we're looking for, right? Most of the guys are in their twenties and maybe early thirties with great bodies ranging from defined and athletic to muscular, sometimes very muscular. You'll find many of the guys sport tattoos, sometimes they're quite inked. A number of the performers are very well-hung, and since many of the of come from outside the United States, you'll find plenty of uncut cocks, too.

Most of the action here is hardcore, although there are a few solo masturbation sessions. While there are lots of duos kissing and enthusiastic cock sucking with long and wet rimming sessions and fucking in a variety of angles, there are some threesomes, as well. While most of the action isn't too kinky, it is passionate; these guys love fucking and getting fucked on camera. And I did find a few scenes where a guy sucked another guy's feet or spat in his asshole. I'm also happy to report that the newer updates include plenty of outdoor sex scenes by the pool or in the woods.

Papi Thugz now offers 397 exclusive videos, and while they're not dated, the site has added 110 videos in the past 29 months. The videos appear to be MP4s (right clicking is prohibited, but they played on my mobiles) and stream in a player sized at 920x512. The newer vids are offered in three qualities, the highest at average to good amateur quality that enlarges to full screen pretty well. The oldest vids are low amateur to amateur quality, as they're actually smaller videos stretched to fit a larger screen, so I don't recommend enlarging them. While the videos are DRM-free, they're not offered for download.

There are also 200 picture sets. These are better-than-average to good amateur quality screencaps sized at about 700x395. They're offered in a gallery that's almost like a film strip, with all the tiny thumbs below the larger picture you're currently looking at. Being screencaps, they obviously preview the action well, but there are no slideshows or downloadable zip files, and since you can't right click on the pages, there's no way to save the photos individually. A large watermark has been added to all the pics.

In addition to the pics and videos, there's a section where you can read other members' fantasies about the models or leave a fantasy yourself. Some of these make for hot reading. You can also submit your own fantasy about your favorite models on their pages.

Good news is that the site is available for mobiles. I tried it on my Android phone and tablet, and both worked very well. The videos played with no issues, and the site looked and functioned better than a lot of mobile sites I've visited over the years.

Now let's talk about issues and areas that could use some attention. As with our last visit, there are no dates or update schedule listed. While the site has averaged over three updates per month since our last visit, there's no way to at what frequency the site is currently updating. I ran into some technical issues, too. When I clicked the "Member favorites" link in the video section, I got an error that said "Error Occurred While Processing Request". Also when I tried to view the 14 oldest picture sets, I got this message: "This Gallery Not Ready Yet" rather than the galleries - the newer galleries worked fine, btw.

When checking out the models' pages, all have links to the guys' videos; some also have brief into about the guy on the right side of the page, but many have no info at all, just a blank area. And there are several large and animated ads that run across the full width of the page; one is for DVDs for sale and the other two are ads for a similar site you'll need to pay to join.

One other thing I wish the site had was sorting and browsing options. I'd prefer to be able to view the highest rated or most popular videos and models, and an alphabetical model list would be helpful, but you can only view by date order. I would have also liked to see a category list or a search box.

Papi Thugz brings you horny and well-hung Latinos and black studs, many of whom are thugs or rough dudes with bad attitudes and athletic or built bodies. The action is a mix, but there's a lot of sucking, fucking and rimming in duos and some threesomes, as well as some solo jerking sessions. The site has grown, now offering 397 exclusive streaming videos and 200 picture sets, and while there are no dates on the content, the site has added 110 vids in the past 29 months. I enjoyed reading the member fantasies, and the site worked well on my desktop and mobiles - except for the 14 missing picture sets and non-working favorites. While there are issues, Papi Thugz is more than the sum of its parts, with some of the hottest, best-hung Latin guys, Blatinos and black men around, not to mention smoking hot action.

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