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On the Hunt offers sex sessions between guys who met on Manhunt, the gay profile and hook-up site. In the early days, these amateur gay sex sessions were filmed by gay porn stars and directors like Matthew Rush, Jeremy Hall, Collin O'Neal, and Caesar; newer videos are filmed by the site's producer. Before the guys get down to fucking, they spend some time talking about how they met and other details about their lives, then they get down to business.

Since the On the Hunt sessions include real hook-ups between Manhunt members, the type of guys you'll find here is quite varied. These are mostly real amateurs who haven't filmed a porn video before. Think of it like this: What type of crowd would you see walking into your local gay bar or logging into Manhunt? A little of this and a little of that ... that's what you'll find at On the Hunt. Most of the guys tend to be in their twenties and thirties with average to athletic or muscular bodies. Some are average looking, some are quite hot; the guys are a mix of hairy and smooth, tall and short, cut and uncut, but there aren't a lot of older guys, bears or twinks. There's a good mix of white and Latin men and some black men.

As mentioned, the older videos here were often filmed by well-known gay porn stars, although this is not true of the more recent vids. And while many of these sessions are real amateur guys getting it on together, sometimes On the Hunt would bring in a gay porn star to help out. I watched one hot video where a guy named Jordan saw his long-time fantasy come true when his porn crush, Matthew Rush, fucked his ass. Poor Jordan is a nervous mess and a little embarrassed to be talking about how much he loves Rush with the hunk standing right there in the room. Rush puts him at ease with some passionate kissing and touching, then gives this stud the fuck he's been fantasizing about while watching Matthew Rush on his many porn videos. It's a hot fucking scene.

The thing I liked most about On the Hunt is that we're watching real guys doing all the things that turn them on. How many times can you watch a couple of porn stars fucking on a ladder? And how many of us actually do that? The sex here feels and looks natural, with lots of kissing, cock sucking, rimming, fucking and even talking and laughing. Sometimes the guys bring dildos and sex toys into these sessions; Matthew Rush used a leather strap that slides around his bottom's neck and feet to hold his legs in the air. Most of these sessions feature duos, but there are a few threeways. There's also a good selection of bonus videos featuring guys jacking off, behind-the-scenes footage, or the porn star directors talking about the shoot. And from time to time, the site also features porn performers fucking each other or guys trying to break into the business.

All that being said, on our latest visit, the most recent updates are mostly solos, which is a big change. Of the 12 most recent updates, 10 are solos, 1 is a helping hand video and only 1 is a duo - and this is mostly mutual J/O. The 12 before include more gay sex scenes, and before that is more hardcore than solo jerkoffs.

On the Hunt offers 542 episodes, and the videos are available in three sizes of downloadable WMVs and three Quicktime versions and a version for mobiles. The vids are 640x480 and the smallest are 320x240, but newest episodes have a larger version the plays at 960x720. The videos are generally over 25 minutes, but some are close to an hour. You can also stream the vids right on the site in a Flash player at 410x310. The downloads aren't exactly slow, but they're not speedy, either, so the streaming videos are good to use as a preview to see if you want to download the vids. Once on your computer, the videos play well with decent lighting and sound, although I found the WMVs were more crisp and colorful that the Quicktimes. There's also an M4V version that's compatible with mobile devices.

Each video comes with a gallery of eight pictures which you can browse on the episode page, and you can also download the full set of pics in a zip file. There are around 30 images per session packed in the zip files, and they display from 450x600 to 600x800. You can also save individual photos if you prefer.

On the Hunt has not added any new episodes recently. The site had previously ceased production, but had some videos left to add when we last visited; it's official now that the site will not be adding more content. Disappointing, but there's definitely enough content to keep members downloading for a month or two.

For those who want more porn, there's also a bonus section with a the feed versions of Fratmen and Treasure Island for those looking for college guys and raw barebacking. The site also has a blog, but while it makes good reading, the blog also no longer updates.

On the Hunt launched filmed and updated consistently for four years, so there's a big archive of over 500 videos. I really enjoyed watching the way other regular guys have sex. Porn stars are great, but these amateur sessions had me thinking "I never thought of using a couch like that". The sex is real and fun, the guys are turned on, there's no script, storyline, or elaborate sets - just a couple of horny guys in a hotel room or bedroom turning each other on. That being said, the latest updates are mostly solo jerkoffs, a total departure from what the site had been doing. I still liked flipping through all the pages and checking out hot fresh faces and sexy guys instead of a parade of latest 30 hot gay porn stars doing the rounds, but sadly the site has stopped updating. Still, there's 542 videos to keep members busy, and On the Hunt is a great site to watch real guys doing all the things that get them off.

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