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Reviewed by on 4 Sep 2010

68 score out of 100
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My First Daddy pairs daddies and grandpas in their late 40's through early 70's with younger guys 18 through mid-twenties who have never been with an older man before. For those into older/younger gay sex, this site delivers some of the best action around, and that's no surprise since it's brought to us from the creators of Older4Me, one of the best and longest-running daddy porn sites. The tour lets you preview all the episodes - you can read the full descriptions, see the dates they were added and check out several good-sized pics showing the action. I'm ready for more, so join me for a look at the member area!

My First Daddy currently offers 55 episodes, each with videos and all but a few with pics. The site currently updates twice a month, and finding the content is easy. There are 3 ways to browse the content - the member home page has a dropdown that lets you navigate all the episodes, you can go to Updates or you can browse by model. There are also dropdown menus to let you sort by model name, scene or most popular, plus there's a searchbox.

All the videos at My First Daddy are in streaming WMV format. These are full scenes that open your Media Player, and are shown at 852x480 with an 878k bitrate. Quality is good amateur, and the videos play smoothly with good sound. There are also 2 smaller sizes available - a slower broadband option and one for dialup users. The videos are not offered for download.

As already mentioned, all but a few of the episodes - the oldest one - comes with pic sets. The pics are good amateur quality or better, and they're digital stills shown at around 800x1200, although some were shown a little smaller at 800x1067. They are mostly well-lit and show the action well, although I'd have liked to see more closeups, especially of penetration. While most of the galleries have 40 or more photos, I did find a couple with less. No zip files or slideshows are available, but you can save them one at a time, and the pics are definitely hot enough that you will want to check them out.

The men of My First Daddy fall into two groups - daddies and admirers. The daddies here are older men, mostly in their fifties and sixties, but there are some who could be in their late forties or in their seventies. Expect salt and pepper or silver hair and experienced mature men who know what they want. Their admirers are mostly in their twenties, and while they may not have fucked anyone over twice their age before, it's obvious these horny boys can't get enough older cock. Most of the action here is hardcore, with plenty of blowjobs, ass fucking and rimming, but there are also a few daddies jerking off in solo shoots.

I did find one minor issue here, but it's very easy to avoid. The section called Older4me NETWORK isn't bonus material. While the site is part of a network - sort of - members only get access to the site they joined. Otherwise I didn't find any issues here.

My First Daddy delivers horny older men and younger men sucking, fucking and rimming in exclusive videos and pics. There are 55 episodes at the current time, and the site updates twice a month. While videos are streaming-only, they play smoothly and look pretty good, and most come with a set of pics and a juicy description. You can browse the videos by model, date and search by keyword, although I found that searches were limited to the terms in title and description. The bottom line - if men over 40 turn your crank, and you love watching them with guys half their age, My First Daddy is definitely worth a visit!

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