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Male Stars is all about hot and naked or semi-naked celebrities including movie stars, sportsmen, and musicians. The site celebrates its 20 year anniversary in a few months, and they have built up an impressive archive over all these years. There is a lot to explore and it's easy to get lost in all the different categories and pages, but after a while it becomes clear how to get to the hottest nude bodies, celebrity bulges, asses, and even cocks. You will find today's hottest male stars such as Matt Bomer, Hugh Jackman, Mark Ruffalo, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, Will Tudor and Zayn Malik, as well as hotties from the '70s, '80s and '90s, including Don Johnson, Sean Connery, Tom Cruise and Richard Gere.

There is a profile page for each celebrity listed on the site. This is where you will find pictures or videos and sometimes both. Usually there is a short write-up or biography along with related news articles. Instead of browsing model profiles, you can also use channels including those offering celebrity sex tapes, bulges, black celebs and big cocks, for example. Some popular movies and TV series, such as True Blood, Spartacus, and The Normal Heart have their own channels too.

Obviously there is little real porn (even though there are some very hot sex scenes and leaked sex tapes), but there are plenty of erotic images and videos. Some guys are just shirtless while others are fully naked. Let's just say there are lots of bulges, asses and other things we all like to look at. Most of what Male Stars offers could be found online, if you searched really hard, but you will never find such a big database of famous cocks and naked Hollywood hunks. Male Stars did all the hard work and all we have to do is enjoy it.

Since the content here is all spread out over different categories, some of which are overlapping, it is impossible to give you an exact number of videos listed on this site. If I had to make a guess, I would say there are more than 8000 videos in total. Most of them are short clips, usually under 2 minutes, which are taken from movies, TV series, and music videos. The site seems to update daily, which means their database keeps growing at a steady pace.

All of the videos are downloadable as MPGs and they are free of DRM protection. Since the vids come from many different sources, there are a lot of differences in size and quality. The majority of the videos play at a size of 640x480 though. You can also choose to watch the videos online. They open in a 900x505 pop-up window, but most movies are actually not bigger than 640x480. The streaming videos are being offered in WebM format, which is a relatively new video format from Google and can played on most computers and mobile devices.

Male Stars offers a huge amount of photos. Again, it's difficult to give you exact numbers, but the site claims there are more than one million photos to enjoy. Some of the profiles contain as few as 10 images, while others come with hundreds of pictures, so I believe that number is quite possible. It is fairly easy to browse through the pics in any gallery by hand, although a hands-free slideshow would have been nice. There are no zip files either, but you can save your favorite pictures to your own computer individually. As with the videos, there is a large variety in quality from very poor to excellent crystal clear images.

Male Stars is part of a much bigger network and it shares its database with other celebrity sites including some straight ones. By default you only see the male stars, but by adjusting the filters, you can also browse though the female celebrities, as well as celebrity sex tapes including the Paris Hilton / Rick Salomon tape, Lindsay Lohan's tape, and Hulk Hogan. As a bonus, you will get access to a site that offers thousands of gay porn DVDs and scenes. This site has everything covered from twinks to mature men and from Asians to kinky leather bears. There are links to a webcam site and an adult toy store, but these are commercial links and you would need to purchase credits to make full use of these two services.

Male Stars' strength is also its biggest weakness; because there is so much to explore, you may feel a bit lost sometimes. Some parts of the member area look a bit messy and the navigation could use some work. One other issue here includes a large number of ads throughout the member area, some of which could be mistaken for content, a pre-checked offer on the sign-up page, and a pop-up on the tour. As already mentioned, some of the videos are of poor quality, but some are older and from poor quality sources, so it's to be expected.

Male Stars has a massive database of naked male celebrities and Hollywood hunks from the '70s till today. There are lots of shirtless men, bare asses, bulges and cocks in thousands of videos and hundreds of thousands of images, and the site adds some content every single day. Despite of a few minor issues, I believe this is one of the best and most complete naked male celebrity sites around. They offer what they promise, including downloadable and streaming videos and daily updates. If you are into nude and famous males, you can spend a lot of time at Male Stars and still have more to see.

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