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Macho Fucker offers an international cast of aggressive, horse-hung, uncut tops who pound submissive bottoms into cum-filled oblivion. Tops are the stars here and are separated into categories: black, Latino, mixed, white and Arabian. There are 60 black tops, 19 white and 10 Latino, not to mention 17 mixed and Arabic tops. The single category of bottoms lists 99 guys. I could find only one guy who both topped and bottomed. All tops are a minimum of 8 inches, and sizes range up to Slayer's monstrous 13-inch weapon. The models are drawn from dozens of countries across the Americas, Africa and Europe, with Brazil leading the count and offers plenty of huge Blatino dicks. There are a few familiar performers, especially from Europe, like Peto Coast and Lucas di Fubbiano, but the majority of guys are amateurs who won't be found elsewhere.

The action is all about big-dicked tops who go hard and deep into the bottoms' asses, pushing them to the limit and beyond. All fucking is bareback - plenty of cum ends up in the bottoms' butt holes - and there are threesomes where courageous / foolhardy bottoms take it from two tops at one time. Some of the scenes finish with ass-to-mouth action. Many of the tops would appear to be straight, so basically they just fuck. Fortunately, quite a few videos are livened up with a splash of watersports, a lick of rimming and even a little fisting. There's a lot of interracial action here, although not all the videos are interracial. Titles like "Creampie for Nandito", "Fucked beyond stupid", "Ass assault" and "Total abuse" give a sense of just how rough and raw the action is.

Macho Fucker offers 259 videos, all exclusive to the site. New videos are added on average every 6 to 10 days, but the schedule is variable. Since April 2012, MP4s have been offered along with WMVs, both sized at 720x400. These aren't HD, so expect standard resolution. Older videos are mainly WMVs, sometimes with high and medium resolution options, sometimes with only one, and also a few MPGs. Run times and download sizes are given for all videos. Videos are downloadable full scenes that can also be streamed, all files are DRM-free, but unlike our prior visit to the site, I was only able to save 1 video at a time, so I was happy to note download speeds over 1 MB.

About 90 of the 259 videos have accompanying photo sets, and these are more common for the older videos. The pics are small, varying in size from 320x240 to 640x357, which are smaller than their accompanying videos, and shown full size on single gallery pages. Some of the pics have black bands top and bottom, or completely framed by black. There are no downloadable zip files, but the images can be saved one at a time.

The site could really do with a makeover. Some videos have galleries, which are useful for previewing a scene, but many don't. Too many have just a single photo and a brief description. A clear list of all the videos would be nice. There is an almost complete one, but it's found in the non-members part of the site. Streaming videos have been added, but they're pretty small. The site is searchable, but results aren't too reliable - I searched for "uncut" and got 2 results even though many of the performers sport foreskin. One last complaint is that the MP4s aren't rendered using the H.264 codec, which means they won't play on recent iPhones, iPods or other mobile devices that play only H.264 MP4s.

Macho Fucker delivers one of the best-hung collection of uncut fuckers you'll find anywhere, in rough and dirty gay sex, a lot of it interracial, all of it bareback - and all exclusive. Most of the tops are well-built, hung, masculine and really know how to nail a bottom boy's tight ass with their huge pieces of meat. The site offers 259 videos, which are DRM-free and downloadable, there are around 90 pic sets, and the site has added 69 videos in the past 16 months, as updates usually occur every 6 to 10 days. The Macho Fuckers tops sport some of the biggest cocks on the planet, and I loved watching them nail horny bottom boys deep and hard.

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